CONTENTS (2017, N 4)


      Siberian Journal of Forest Science    Number    4    2017    July – August



D. G. Schepaschenko, A. Z. Shvidenko, C. Perger, C. Dresel, S. Fritz, P. I. Lakida, 

L. V. Mukhortova, V. A. Usoltsev, K. S. Bobkova, A. F. Osipov, O. V. Martynenko, 

V. N. Karminov, P. V. Ontikov, M. V. Schepaschenko, F. Kraxner

Study of Forest Phytomass: Current State and Prospects


V. I. Ufimtsev

An Experience and Contemporary Status of Forest Recultivation in Kuzbass


I. V. Petrova, S. N. Sannikov, O. E. Cherepanova

Reproductive Isolation and Genetic Differentiation of Dry Land and Bog Populations 

of Pinus sylvestris L. in Western Siberia and Russian Plain


B. V. Proshkin, A. V. Klimov

Hybridization of Populus nigra L. and P. laurifolia Ledeb. (Salicaceae) in the Floodplain 

of the Tom’ River


V. A. Usoltsev

Foliage Efficiency of Forest-Forming Species in the Climatic Gradients of Eurasia


M. D. Evdokimenko, Yu. N. Krasnoshchekov

Forest Environmental Consequences of Pyrogenous Anomalies in the Basin 

of Baikal Lake


G. P. Tikhova, A. G. Pavlov, V. B. Pridacha, T. A. Sazonova

The New Hybrid Method for Measuring Transpiration Sap Flows in Trees


V. A. Sokolov, N. V. Sokolova, O. P. Vtyurina, E. А. Lapin

Forecast for the Dynamics of Forests in Krasnoyarsk Krai


S. Ünal, S. Ayan, M. Karadeniz, E. N. Yer

Some Forest Trees for Honeydew Honey Production in Turkey



* Petr Alekseevich Tsvetkov (to 70 Years of Birthday)


* Yuri Nikolaevich Krasnoshchekov (to 70 Years of Birthday)



* Andrei Vyacheslavovich Gurov (06.11.1955 – 01.06.2017)


* Articles are published in online edition

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