CONTENTS (2017, N 5)


Siberian Journal of Forest Science    Number    5    2017    September – October


P. A. Tsvetkov

Foreword from the Scientific Editor 



P. A. Tsvetkov

Forest Pyrology in Russia: Achievements and Problems


R. V. Kotelnikov, N. A. Korshunov, N. M. Giryaev

Objectives of Decision Making in Protecting Forests from Fires: Main Priorities 

on Development of Informational Support 


E. I. Ponomarev, V. I. Kharuk, N. D. Yakimov

Current Results and Perspectives of Wildfire Satellite Monitoring in Siberia


A. V. Bryukhanov, N. A. Korshunov

Aerial Wildfire Fighting: History, Current Situation, Problems and Perspectives 



V. V. Furyaev, P. A. Tsvetkov, I. V. Furyaev, L. P. Zlobina

Forest Fire Occurrence and Silvicultural-Economic Prerequisites for Protection Improvement 

in Forest Regions of Krasnoyarsk Krai 


M. D. Evdokimenko, V. V. Ivanov

Specifics of Fire-Preventing Arrangements in the Forests of Baikal Region


S. N. Sannikov, N. S. Sannikova, G. G. Terekhov

The Principles for Creation of Fire-Prevention Forest Belts with Barriers of Deciduous Species 

for Protection from Crown Fires 


A. V. Sofronova, A. V. Volokitina

Assessment of Fire Hazard for Forest Sites at the Territory of Oil and Gas Complexes 

Using Earth Remote Sensing Data


I. V. Kosov, I. G. Gette, N. V. Pakhar’kova

Application of Fluorescence Analysis for Evaluation of Heat Stability of Scotch Pine Needles

after Ground Fires


G. A. Dorrer, S. V. Yarovoy

Describing the Processes of Propagation and Eliminating Wildfires with the Use 

of Agent Models 



J. G. Goldammer, A. M. Eritsov, E. K. Kisilyakhov

The Need for Development of Pragmatic and Science-Based Solutions for Forest 

Management and Fire Management for the Russian Federation 



* Dina Ivanovna Nazimova (to 80 Years of Birthday)


* Anatoly Zinovievich Shvidenko (to 80 Years of Birthday)

* Article is published in online edition

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