CONTENTS (2017, N 6)


    Siberian Journal of Forest Science    Number    6    2017    November – December



A. Z. Shvidenko, D. G. Schepaschenko, F. Kraxner, A. A. Onuchin

Transition to Sustainable Forest Management in Russia: Theoretical and 

Methodological Backgrounds


S. K. Farber, V. L. Koshkarova, N. S. Kuzmik

Mapping the Holocene Forest Formations with the Use of Key Climate Indicators – 

Heat and Moisture


J. Moon, W. K. Lee, C. Song, S. G. Lee, S. B. Heo, A. Z. Shvidenko, F. Kraxner, 

M. Lamchin, E. J. Lee, Y. Zhu, D. Kim, G. Cui

An Introduction to Mid-Latitude Ecotone: Sustainability and Environmental Challenges 


V. F. Baginskiy, N. N. Katkov, E. A. Uss

New Standards for Forest Inventory and Commodification of Forest-Cutting Fund 

in the Republic of Belarus


A. P. Chevychelov, P. I. Sobakin

The Migration of 137Cs and 90Sr in Soil-Vegetation Cover at Accidental Underground 

Nuclear Explosion Site «Kraton 3» 


N. S. Shikhova

Ecological and Geochemical Peculiarities of the South Primorye Vegetation and 

Arboriflora Species Specificity in Heavy Metal Accumulations 


O. A. Zemlyanukhina, V. N. Kalaev, V. S. Voronina, A. T. Eprintsev

Biochemical Adaptation of Weigela florida «Variegata» Bunge A. D. C. Microclones 

to Salt- and Copper Induced Stress 


V. V. Ivanov, A. N. Borisov, A. E. Petrenko, D. A. Semenyakin, D. S. Sobachkin, 

R. S. Sobachkin

The Density of Pine Stands under Intensive Forest Growing


T. A. Sizonenko

Seasonal Dynamics of Structure and Functional Activity of Ectomycorrhizal Roots 

of the Siberian Fir 


V. A. Karpin, N. V. Petrov, A. V. Tuyunen

Regeneration of Forest Phytocoenoses After Various Agricultural Land Use Practices 

in the Conditions of Middle Taiga Subzone 



L. N. Skripal’shchikova, T. V. Ponomareva, E. V. Bazhina, A. P. Barchenkov, 

A. V. Belyanin

Technogenic Loads on Birch Stands in Krasnoyarsk Forest-Steppe



* Eugene Grigorievich Paramonov (to 80 Years of Birthday) 


* Steven Eubanks (to 70 Years of Birthday) 






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