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CONTENTS (2019, N 1)


 Siberian Journal of Forest Science    Number    1    2019    January – February



S. N. Sannikov

Ecologic and Genetic Classifications of Forest Types Based on Ecologic and 

Genetic Series of Development of Biogeocenoses 


I. N. Egorova, G. S. Shambueva, O. V. Shergina, N. Shinen

On the Ecology of Nostoc commune (Cyanoprokaryota) in Southern Siberia and Mongolia


M. A. Nikolaeva, L. V. Orlova, A. A. Krest´yanov, D. N. Каmatov

Geographical Variability of Larch in the Experimental Forest Crops 

of the Republic of Bashkortostan


V. А. Usoltsev, I. S. Tsepordey, V. P. Chasovskikh

Tree Biomass of Two-Needled Pines in Eurasia: Additive Models in Climatic Gradients


T. V. Zheleznichenko, D. S. Muraseva, V. V. Stasova, T. I. Novikova

Morphogenesis of Picea pungens Engelm. in vitro under the Influence of Thidiazuron


C. Vatandaşlar, C. Keleş, L. C. Fosso, U. Karahalil

Analyzing the Effects of Different Management Strategies on Forest Biomass 

Carbon Loss Using Linear Programming



B. S. Petropavlovskiy

Newest and Full Data on History of Forestry in the Far East of Russia. 

Manko Yu. I. History of Forestry in the Far East of Russia. 1859-1922. Vladivostok: 

Pacific Inst. Geogr., Rus. Acad. Sci., Far East. Br., 2018. 660 p.



T. S. Sedel’nikova

2nd International Congress on Plants Research and Technology (IPSAT 2018), 

5th National Botanical Congress and 2nd Symposium on Aerobiology and Palinology 

(APAS 2018)



* Estella Fedorovna Vedrova (Celebrating the 80th Birthday)



* Article is published in online edition

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