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CONTENTS (2019, N 3)


         Siberian Journal of Forest Science    Number    3    2019    May – June


S. R. Loskutov

Foreword from the Scientific Editor



Z. Pásztory, B. Heinzmann, M. C. Barbu

Сomparison of Different Stack Measuring Methods 


M. Venäläinen, S. Heikkonen, N. Terziev, P. Tormiainen

Durability of the Siberian Larch Heartwood Timber of Different Origin: 

the Results of 11-Year Ground Contact Test in Finland 


R. Németh, M. Bak, J. Ábrahám, F. Fodor, N. Horváth, M. Báder

Wood Modification Research at the University of Sopron 


S. R. Loskutov, A. A. Aniskina, O. A. Shapchenkova, E. A. Tyutkova

Bound Water in Wood of the Main Tree Species of Siberia: 

Thermal Analysis and Sorption


A. A. Titunin, I. V. Susoeva, T. N. Vakhnina

Variability of Properties of Composition Boards from Plant Raw Materials 

with Cyclic Temperature-Moisture Impacts 


S. Mapelli, M. E. Malvolti

Effects of Drought Stress on Physiological and Biochemical Adaptation 

Responses in Young Black Locust Robinia pseudoacacia L. Clones 


A. V. Kopanina

Structural Features of Bark and Wood of Spiraea beauverdiana (Rosaceae) 

in the Extreme Conditions of the Arctic and Volcanic Activity on the Kuril Islands 


E. A. Shilkina, A. A. Ibe, M. A. Sheller, T. V. Sukhikh

Using Methods of DNA-Analysis in the Examination of the Illegal Timber Trade


V. A. Senashova, G. V. Permyakova, I. D. Grodnitskaya, N. V. Pashenova, 

S. R. Loskutov

The Study of Anti-Microbial Properties of Extractive Substances of Conifers



* Petr Dmitrievich Gunin (07.07.1942 – 25.04.2019) 


* Article is published in online edition

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