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CONTENTS (2019, N 5)


        Siberian Journal of Forest Science    Number    5    2019    September – October



S. N. Fomin, V. V. Barinov, V. S. Myglan

Siberian Silkmoth in the Republic of Tyva, the History of Studies



A. P. Kovalev, A. M. Orlov, E. V. Lashina, Yu. A. Grishchenova

The Prospects of Using Forest Resources in Primorsky Krai


N. S. Sannikova, S. N. Sannikov, A. A. Kochubei, I. V. Petrova

Natural Pine Regeneration on Burns in Forest-Steppe of Western Siberia


V. F. Baginskiy, N. P. Demid, O. V. Lapitskaya

New Felling Ages for the Forests of the Republic of Belarus


A. Yu. Karpechko

Effects of Different Logging Practices on Soil Density and Root Mass


I. A. Petrov, A. S. Shushpanov, A. S. Golyukov, V. I. Kharuk

Pinus sibirica Du Tour Response to Climate Change in the Forests 

of the Kuznetsk Alatau Mountains


P. A. Tsvetkov, E. N. Kudinov

Estimation of Fire Resistance of Partially Logged Pine Stands in the Krasnoyarsk 



L. V. Karpenko, A. S. Prokushkin

Reconstruction of Fires in Virgin Forests at Sym-Dubches Interfluve in the Holocene


I. V. Tikhonova, A. K. Ekart, K. G. Zatsepina, A. N. Kravchenko

Variability of Allozime Locuss and Inbreeding Level in the Age Groups 

of Southern-Taiga and Forest-Steppe Pine Populations of the Central Siberia


O. Yu. Guseva, L. M. Starodubtseva, V. N. Popov

Optimization of Сultivation Сonditions in vitro and ex vitro of Juvenile Material 

of Pedunculate Oak


M. S. Voronkova, E. V. Banaev, S. V. Shishkin, A. A. Erst

Specificity of Phenolic Compound Composition and its Content in Leaves 

of Populus alba L., P. tremula L. and P. × canescens (Ait.) Sm.


V. A. Kozlov, O. A. Shapchenkova, S. R. Loskutov, M. A. Plyashechnik, 

A. A. Aniskina, G. V. Permyakova, Y. A. Neronova

Destruction of Scots Pine Wood After a Long Exposure to Anaerobic Conditions


A. S. Shishikin, D. Yu. Efimov, R. T. Murzakmatov

Biological Resources of Coal Dumps (on the Example of Borodinskiy Coal Mine)



* Stanislav Nikolaevich Sannikov (Celebrating the 90th Birthday)


* Article is published in online edition

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