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Bobkova Kapitolina Stepanovna

Bobkova Kapitolina Stepanovna, born 4 November 1939. Graduated from Arkhangelsk Forest Engineering Institute (at the present time Northern (Arctic) Federal University) in the city of Arkhangelsk, Faculty of Forestry (at the present time Forestry Engineering Institute), with a specialty Engineer of Forestry (1962), PhD studies in Ecology and Forest Science, Silviculture, Forest Fires and Fire Fighting (1974) at the Institute of BiologyKomi Republic Scientific CentreUral Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the city of Syktyvkar, Komi Republic. Candidate of Biological Sciences (PhD) in Physiology and Biochemistry of Plants (1974), Doctor of Biological Sciences in Ecology and Forest Science, Silviculture, Forest Fires and Fire Fighting (1990), Professor in Ecology (2004), Chief Research Scientist (2005) for the Department of Forest Biological Problems of the North, Institute of Biology, Komi Republic Scientific Centre, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in the city of Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, awarded by the: Medal «Veteran of Work», Honorary Diplomas of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Komi Republic, Council of Ministers of the Komi Republic, Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Member of the Russian Botanical Society, Society of Plant Physiologists, dissertation council D 004.007.01 in the Institute of Biology, Komi Republic Scientific Centre,Russian Academy of Sciences, Ural Branch. PI for a numerous research projects supported by 3 national grants of the FTP (1998-2004), 6 grants of the RFBR (2003-2008), international grants for the: «SPICE (Solid Precipitation Intercomparison Experiment)», «OMRISK - Impacts and Risks from Anthropogenic Disturbances on Soil, Carbon Dynamics and Vegetation in Podzolic Ecosystems», and «Global Change and Ecosystems» supported by the European Union and the Global Evironment Facility (2000-2011). Expert in biogeocoenological studies, biological productivity, monitoring, and regularities of carbon deposits in boreal forest ecosystems. Author and co-author of more than 150 scientific publications. Some of them: «Ekologo-Biologicheskie Osnovy Povysheniya Produktivnosti Taeznykh Lesov Evropeiskogo Severa» (Ecological and Biological Basis for Increasing the Productivity of Boreal Forests of European North), Leningrad, Nauka, Leningrad Branch 1981 (in Russian with English abstract and contents); «Biologicheskaya Produktivnost’ Khvoinykh Lesov Evropeiskogo Severo-Vostoka» (Biological Productivity of Coniferous Forests of the European North-East), Leningrad, Nauka, Leningrad Branch 1987 (in Russian); «Ekologo-Fiziologicheskie Osnovy Produktivnosti Sosnovykh Lesov Evropeiskogo Severo-Vostoka» (Ecological and Physiological Bases of Pine Forests’ Productivity of the European North-East), Syktyvkar, 1993 (in Russian); «Lesa Respubliki Komi», (Forest of the Komi Republic), Moscow, Izdatelsko-Prodyuserskii Centr «Dizain. Informasciya. Kartografiya» (Publ.& Produc. Centre «Design. Information. Cartography», 1999 (in Russian with English abstract and contents); «Lesnoe Khozyaistvo i Lesnye Resursy Respubliki Komi» (Forestry and Forest Resources of the Komi Republic), Moscow, Izdatelsko-Prodyuserskii Centr «Dizain. Informasciya. Kartografiya» (Publ.& Produc. Centre «Design. Information. Cartography», 2000 (in Russian with English abstract and contents); «Bioprodukscionnyi Proscess v Lesnykh Ekosistemakh Severa» (Process of Bioproduction in Forest Ecosystem of the North), St. Petersburg, Nauka, 2001 (in Russian with English abstract and contents); «Korennye Elovye Lesa Severa: Bioraznoobrazie, Struktura, Funkscii» (Virgin Spruce Forest of North: Biodiversity, Structure, Functions), St. Petersburg, Nauka, 2006 (in Russian with English abstract, introduction, conclusion, and contents); «Vynos ugleroda i elementov mineralnogo pitaniya pri sploshnolesosechnykh rubkah drevostoya elnikov srednei taigi» (Losses of carbon and mineral nutrients in clear cuttings of spruce forests in the middle taiga) In «Lesovedenie» (Rus. J. For. Sci.), 2012 (in Russian with English abstract); «Health state of native spruce stands and saplings in the northern timberline forests of the Pechora basin» In «Contempor. Probl. Ecol.», 2012; «Chemical composition of wet precipitation in old-growth middle-taiga spruce stands» In «Geochemistry International», 2013; «Organic carbon fluxes in the system soil-phytocenosis of bilberry-sphagnum spruce forest in the middle taiga zone of the Komi Republic» In «Rus. J. Ecol.», 2014; «Dinamika Soderzaniya Ugleroda Organicheskogo Veshcestva v Srednetaeznykh Elnikah na Avtomorfnykh Pochvakh» (Dynamics of Carbon Organic Matter Content of Spruce Forests in the Middle Taiga Growing on Automorphic Soils), St. Petersburg, Nauka, 2014 (in Russian with English abstract); «Uglerod v Lesnykh i Bolotnykh Ekosistemakh Osobo Okhranyaemykh Prirodnykh Territorij Respubliki Komi» (Carbon in Forest and Bog Ecosystems of the Specially Protected Natural Territories of the Komi Republic), Syktyvkar, Komi Republic Scientific Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ural Branch, 2014 (in Russian); «Stock of coarse woody debris in spruce forests of the middle taiga in the European north-east» In «Bull. Higher Edu. Inst. Lesnoy Zhurnal» (For. J.), 2015 (in Russian with English abstract).


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Total citations – 1312; Hirsh index – 14.

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Total Scopus citations – 32; Scopus Hirsh index – 3.

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