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Bryukhanov Nikolai Viktorovich

Bryukhanov Nikolai Viktorovich

Bryukhanov Nikolai Viktorovich, born 26 September 1986 in Khrebtovy village, Boguchansky District of Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia. Graduated (Diploma with Honors) from the Siberian State University of Technology (SSUT) (in 2016 SSUT has been affiliated to M. F. Reshetnev Siberian State Aerospace University), Faculty of Forestry, with a specialty in Forestry and qualification Engineer of Forestry (2008). Forest inventory engineer for the East-Siberian branch of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Roslesinforg»  «Vostsiblesproekt». In 2009–2010 within the framework of the State Forest Inventory worked as forest inventory engineer in Kodinsk, Ilansk, and Tyukhtet forestry districts of Krasnoyarsk territory. In 2011-2013 implemented assessment of forest guard, protection and regeneration in Chunski, Pirovski, Bolsheulujski, Achinski, Khrebtovski, and Irbeiski forestry districts of Krasnoyarsk territory, as well as in Balgazyn and Shagonar forestry districts in the Republic of Tuva. Shave secialized in forestry planning, in project development of forest use and forestry regulations. Head for the Forest Planning Group at «Vostsiblesproekt» (since March 2014). Vice-Head for the Department of the State Expertise of the Projects of Forest Development and Management of State Forest Register Ministry of Forestry of Krasnoyarsk Krai (since 2015 till now). PhD candidate for the Laboratory of Forest Inventory and Forest Use at V. N. Sukachev Institute of Forest, Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch (since 2009). Author and co-author of scientific publications: «State forest inventory: status of works in Krasnoyarsk territory and the Republic of Khakasia» In «Lesnaya Taksatsciya i Lesoustroistvo» (Forest Inventory and Forest Planning), 2011 (in Russian with abstract in English); «Prospects for the use of state forest inventory data to reveal the regularities of forest forming process» In «Proc. GEO-Siberia Int. Conf.», 2013 (in Russian with abstract in English). «Prospects of SRTM data use for forest scientific and practical tasks» In «Proc. GEO-Siberia Int. Conf.», 2013 (in Russian with abstract in English).


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