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Danchenko Anatoli Matveevich

Danchenko Anatoli Matveevich

Danchenko Anatoli Matveevich, born 25 April, 1937. Graduated from the Kazakh State Agricultural Institute (Alma-Ata, 1964) (at the present time – Kazakh National Agrarian University), Faculty of Forestry (at the present time – Faculty of Forest, Land and Water Resources). Doctor of Biological Sciences in Botany (1989), Professor in Botany (1993), the Honored Forester of the Russian Federation (1998), Head for the Department of Forestry and Landscape Architecture at the Institute of Biology, Ecology, Soil Science, Agriculture and Forestry (Institute of Biology) National Research Tomsk State University in the city of Tomsk (1993), member of the Society of American Foresters (2003). Expert in forest genetics and breeding. Author and co-author of more than 200 papers and 10 books. Some of them: "Population Variability of Birch", Novosibirsk, 1990 (in Russian); "The Ecology of Birch Seed Reproduction", Novosibirsk, 1993, "Bibliographic Index of the Russian National Literature on Stone Pines for 1959-2006", Tomsk, 2009 (in Russian); "The Siberian Stone Pine Forests of the Western Siberia", Tomsk, 2010 (in Russian); "The Siberian Stone Pine Stands Near Settlements in Tomsk Region. Problems of Sustainable Forest Use " In "Sibirski Lesnoi Zurnal" (Sib. J. For. Sci.), 2014 (in Russian with abstract in English).


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Total citations – 443; Hirsch index – 8.

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