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Demakov Yuri Petrovich

Demakov Yuri Petrovich, born 15 October 1948. Graduated from M. Gorki Mari Polytechnic Institute in the city of Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El Republic (at the present time – Volga State University of Technology) Faculty of Forestry (at the present time – Institute of Forestry and Nature Management), with a specialty in Forestry (1976). Doctor of Biological Sciences in Forest Science, Forestry, Forest Fires & Fire Fighting, and in Ecology (2001), Professor for the Department of Ecology, Soil Science and Nature Management, Institute of Forestry and Nature Management, Volga State University of Technology, Chief Research Scientist for the «Bolshaya Kokshaga» State Wildlife Reserve. Scientific interests in biogeocenology, nature management, social ecology, mathematical modeling of biocenotic processes, forest protection, and dendrochronology. Advised 7 PhD students. Author and co-author of more than 270 scientific publications, including 5 books, and 5 tutorials. Some of them: «Sustainability of Forest Ecosystems: Diagnostics, Forecast, Management (on Example of the Mari Trans-Volga Pine Forests)», Moscow, 2000 (in Russian); «Diagnostics of Forest Ecosystems Sustainability (Methodological and Methodical Aspects)», Yoshkar-Ola, 2000 (in Russian); «Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Sustainable Nature Use: Management, Principles for Organization of Nature-Economic Systems, Landscape Planning», Yoshkar-Ola, 2004 (in Russian); «Social and Ecological Security of the State. Managerial Aspect: Tutorial», Yoshkar-Ola, 2005 (in Russian); «Sphagnous Pine Forests of the Mari Woodlands: Structure, Growth, and Productivity», Yoshkar-Ola, 2012 (in Russian); «The Impact of Lime-and-Sand Brick Plant on Pine Biogeocenosis’ Condition and Structure», Yoshkar-Ola, 2013 (in Russian).


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Total citations – 583; Hirsch index – 8.

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