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Kovalev Maxim Nikolaevich

Kovalev Maxim Nikolaevich, born 7 February 1990 in the city of Arkhangelsk. Graduated from Syktyvkar Forest Institute, branch of Saint-Petersburg State Forest Technical University, Faculty of Forestry and Agriculture, Department and Specialty of Forestry, in the city of Syktyvkar, Komi Republic (2012). Forest Pathology Engineer for the Branch of the Federal Budget Institution «Russian Centre for Forest Protection» «Centre for Forest Protection of Komi Republic». PhD student in Forest Science, Silviculture, Forest Planning and Forest Inventory for the Department of Forest Biological Problems of the North, Institute of Biology, Komi Republic Scientific Centre, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in the city of Syktyvkar, Komi Republic (since 2012). Research interests in forest fires.


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