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Padutov Vladimir Evgenievich

Padutov Vladimir Evgenievich

Padutov Vladimir Evgenievich, born 4 July 1963 in Minsk, Republic of Belarus. Graduated from the Francis Skorina Gomel State University Faculty of Biology with a specialty in «Biology» (1985). Doctor of Biological Sciences in «Genetics» (2002), Associated Professor in «Biology» (2008). Head for the Laboratory of Genetics and Biotechnology at the Institute of Forest the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Specialist in population and evolutionary genetics of forest plants, selection of tree species, forest biotechnology. Member of the Interdepartmental Expert Council on the priority research areas «Physical and Chemical Bases of Biology. Biotechnology, Biological Energy and Biofuels», section «Genomics»; the Council on Plant Genetic Resources of Belarus. Laureate of the Award of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1995), Scholarship Holder of the President of the Republic of Belarus (2009). Author and co-author of more than 150 scientific publications, including 12 monographs, chapters in books, and educational and methodological handbook. Some of them: «Guide to the study of coniferous species by electrophoretic analysis of isoenzymes», Gomel, Republic of Belarus, 1989 (in Russian); Chapter «The Genetic Consequences of the Chernobyl Accident» In «Les i Chernobyl» (Forest and Chernobyl), Minsk, Republic of Belarus, 1994 (in Russian); «Population and Evolutionary Genetics of Firs in Palaearctic region», Gomel, Republic of Belarus, 2001 (in Russian); «Genetic Resources of Pine and Spruce in Belarus», Gomel, Republic of Belarus, 2001 (in Russian); «The Methods of Molecular Genetic Analysis», Minsk, Republic of Belarus, 2007 (in Russian); Chapter «Lesnye Kultury» (Forest Plantations) in «Geneticheskie Osnovy Selekcii Rastenij» (Genetic Fundamentals for Plant Selection) in 4 Volumes. Vol. 2. «Chastnaya Genetika Rastenij» (Specific Plant Genetics), Minsk, 2010 (in Russian); «Genetic structure and gene geography of oak stands in south part of Belarus» In «Izvestija Nacionalnoj Akademii Nauk Belarusi. Serija Biologicheskih Nauk» (Bull. Nat. Acad. Sci. Belarus. Ser. Biol.), 2010 (in Russian with abstract in English); «The Basics for Molecular Genetic Analysis: Laboratory Session», Mogilev, Republic of Belarus, 2011 (in Russian); «Genetic and selection principles of forest conservation in Belarus» In «Lisovij Zurnal» (Ukr. For. J.) 2011 (in Russian with abstract in English); «SSRP analysis of chloroplast DNA from pedunculate oak growing in Belarus» In «Doklady Nacionalnoj Akademii Nauk Belarusi» (Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. Belarus), 2011 (in Russian with summary in English); Chapter «Biotechnologiya Lesnykh Kul’tur» (Biotechnology of Forest Plantations) In «Geneticheskie Osnovy Selekcii Rastenij» (Genetic Bases for Plant Selection) in 4 Volumes. V. 2. «Kletochnaya Inzeneriya» (Cellular Engineering), Minsk, Republic of Belarus, 2012 (in Russian).


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Total citations – 365; Hirsch Index – 7.

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