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Rogozin Mikhail Vladimirovich

Rogozin Mikhail Vladimirovich

Rogozin Mikhail Vladimirovich, born 22 October, 1950. Graduated from the Ural Forest Engineering Institute (at the present time Ural Forest Engineering University) Faculty of Forestry (1973) (at the present time Institute of Forest and Nature Management). Doctor of Biological Sciences in Botany and Ecology (2014), Associate Professor (2011). Associate Professor for the Department of Biogeocoenology and Nature Protection, Head for the Laboratory of Forest Ecology at Natural Science Institute of the Perm State University, Expert in forestry, forest inventory, forest planting, selection and seed-growing pine, Siberian spruce and Finnish spruce. Author (and co-author) of more than 120 papers and 2 books. Some of them: Teploukhovs' Forest Plantations at Stroganovs' Estate in the Urals Region: History, Laws of Development, Spruce Breeding, Perm, 2012; Pine Breeding for Plantation Cultivation, Perm, 2013; The history lessons of forest breeding In "Lesnoe Khozyaistvo" (Forest Management), 2013; Constant values in the course of forest growth In "Lesnoe Khozyaistvo" (Forest Management), 2013; Trees-leaders, biological groups and geoactive zones In the Laboratory Journal, 2013; To the strategy of breeding conifers in Russia In "Khvoinye Borealnoi Zony" (Coniferous of the Boreal Zone), 2013.


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Total citations – 259; Hirsch index – 6.


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