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Tsikalova (Volkova) Polina Evgenievna

Tsikalova (Volkova) Polina Evgenievna, born 29 February 1984. Graduated from Krasnoyarsk State University (KSU) Faculty of Physics with a specialty in Biophysics (2006) (In 2006 KSU being included to the Siberian Federal University), Post-Graduate studies in Biophysics and Ecology at V. N. Sukachev Institute of Forest, Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch (2007 2010). Candidate of Biological Sciences (PhD) in Ecology and Biophysics (2011). The PhD thesis: «Pheromone Сommunication of Forest Lepidopterous Insects: Ecological Features of Functioning and Systems Analysis of Organization». Research Scientist for the International Scientific Center for Study of Extreme Men State Krasnoyarsk Scientific Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch. Author and co-author of over 20 publications devoted to the study of Lepidoptera pheromone communication. 

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