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Ziganshin Rashid Ashat'evich

Ziganshin Rashid Ashat'evich

Ziganshin Rashid Ashat'evich, born 09 February, 1937 in the settlement of PezasKrapivinsky DistrictKemerovo OblastSoviet Union (since 1992 – Russia). Graduated from Leningrad Forest Technical Academy (at the present time – Saint-Petersburg State Forest Technical University) Forestry Faculty (at the present time – Institute of Forest and Nature Management), with a specialty in Forestry and qualification Engineer of Forestry, in the city of Leningrad (in 1991 Leningrad has been renaimed to St. Petersburg) (1962). Candidate (PhD, 1988) and Doctor (2001) of Agricultural Sciences in Forest Planning and Forest Inventory. PhD thesis: «Metod Inventarizascii Gornykh Lesov na Landshaftno-Lesotipologicheskoi Osnove» (The Method for Inventory Mountain Forests on Landscape-Forest Typological Basis), Krasnoyarsk, 1988 (in Russian). DSc thesis: «Zakonomernosti Stroeniya Drevostoev Sibiri i ikh Inventarizatsiya na Prirodnoi Osnove» (The Regularities of Structure of Tree Stands of Siberia and Their Inventory on Natural Basis), Krasnoyarsk, 2001 (in Russian). Leading Research Scientist for the Laboratory of Forest Inventory and Forest Use at V. N. Sukachev Institute of Forest, Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branchin the city of Krasnoyarsk (2001), Academician for the Peter the Great Academy of Sciences and Arts (2012), Honorary Forest Worker (2012). Expert in forest inventory and forest planning, investigation and technogenic disturbances of a near tundra (Taimyr) and mountain (Near Baikal Lake) forest ecosystems of Siberia. Author (together with N. I. Rubtcsov) for landscape method of forest inventory. Author and co-author for more than 200 papers and 9 books, 2 patents for an invention. 


Papers in (Rus. Sci. Cit. Index) – 26

Total citations – 127; Hirsh index – 2.

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