Taraban'ko Valery Eugenievich

Taraban'ko Valery Eugenievich

Taraban'ko Valery Eugenievich, born 5 February, 1953, in the city of Komsomolsk-on-AmurKhabarovsk Krai, Russia. Graduated from Novosibirsk State University, Department of Natural Science, with a speciality in Chemistry, qualification Chemist, in the city of Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk Oblast, Russia (1975). Candidate of Chemical Sciences (PhD) in Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis (1981), Doctor  of Chemical Sciences (DSc) in Technology and Equipment for Chemical Processing of Wood; Wood Chemistry (1999), Professor in Physical Chemistry (2005). PhD thesis: "Issledovanie Mekhanizma Gomogennykh Kataliticheskikh Reaktsiy Okisleniya Organicheskikh Veshchestv v Prisutstvii Fosfornomolibdovanadievykh Geteropolikislot" (Study of Mechanism of Homogeneous Catalytic Reactions of Oxidation of Organic Substances in the Presence of Phosphorus-Molybdenum-Vanadium Heteropolyacids), Novosibirsk, Inst. Catalysis, Sib. Br., USSR Acad. Sci. (at the present time Boreskov Inst. Catalysis, Rus. Acad. Sci., Sib. Br.), 1981 (in Russian). DSc thesis: "Poluchenie Aromaticheskikh Al'degidov i Drugikh Organicheskikh Produktov Kataliticheskimi Prevrashcheniyami Drevesnoy Biomassy" (Production of Aromatic Aldehydes and Other Organic Products by Catalytic Conversion of Wood Biomass), Krasnoyarsk, Sib. St. Univ. Technol. (in 2016 Sib. St. Univ. Technol. affiliated to Acad. M. F. Reshetnev Sib. St. Univ. Sci. & Technol.), 1998 (in Russian). Head for the Laboratory of Complex Processing of Biomass at the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Rus. Acad. Sci., Sib. Br.Fed. Res. Center, Krasnoyarsk Sci. Center, Rus. Acad. Sci., Sib. Br.Professor for the Department of Fuel Supply, Oils and LubricantsSchool of Petroleum and Natural Gas EngineeringSiberian Federal University, in the city of Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia. Expert in chemistry and processing of wood, lignin, and carbohydrates into low-molecular organic substances. Associate editor for peer-reviewed scientific journals: "Khimiya Rastitel'nogo Syr'ya" (Chem. Plant Raw Mat.); "J. Sib. Fed. Univ. Ser. Chem."; "Sibirski Lesnoi Zurnal" (Sib. J. For. Sci.). PI for scientific research projects on chemistry and technology of plant raw material conversion into chemicals and biofuels, supported by the RFBR grants. Advised 7 PhD students. Supervisor for constructing and building the pilot factory on processing wild berries in 2008-2009. Author and co-author of more than 90 papers and 35 patents for an inventions. Some of them: "On the Role of Retroaldol Reaction in the Process of Lignin Oxidation into Vanillin. Kinetics of the Vanillylidene Acetone Cleavage in the Alkaline Media" In "React. Kinet. & Catal. Lett." (at the present time  React. Kinet. Mechan. & Catal.), 2000; "Catalytic Methods to Produce Aromatic Aldehydes from Lignins" In "Chemistry of Plant Raw Material" (Khimiya Rastitel'nogo Syr'ya), 2003 (in Russian with English summary); "Sposob Polucheniya vanilina iz Ligninsoderzhashchego Syr'ya" (Patent RU 2059599) (The Method for Preparation Vanilin from Lignin Raw Materials. Patent of the Rus. Fed. RU 2059599), 2012 (in Russian); "Poluchenie aromaticheskikh al'degidov iz otkhodov proizvodstva biobutanola" (Obtaining aromatic aldehydes from biobutanol production wastesIn Khimiya v Interesakh Ustoychivogo Razvitiya (Chem. Sustain. Develop.), 2012 (in Russian with English summary); "Synthesis of 5-Fluoromethylfurfural from 5-Bromomethylfurfural in Presence of Dibenzo-24-Crown-8" In "Khimiya Rastitel'nogo Syr'ya" (Chem. Plant Raw Material), 2012 (in Russian with English summary); "Separation of Vanillin and Syringaldehyde Produced from Lignins" In "Separ. Sci. & Technol.", 2013. 

E-mail: veta@icct.ru

Papers in eLibrary.ru (Rus. Sci. Cit. Index) – 161

Total eLibrary.ru citations – 808; eLibrary.ru Hirsch index – 13.

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Papers in Scopus (Taraban'ko V. E.) – 13

Total Scopus citations – 279; Scopus Hirsh Index – 14.

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