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Toktoraliev Biymyrza Aytievich

Toktoraliev Biymyrza Aytievich

Toktoraliev Biymyrza Aytievich, born 13 August, 1951 in the village of Jany-Bazaar, Chatkal DistrictJalal-Abad Region, Republic of Kyrgyzstan. Graduated from Moscow Institute of Forest Technology (MIFT) (in 1993 MIFT renaimed to Moscow State Forest University (MSFU), in 2016 MSFU reorganized to Mytishchinski Branch of N. E. Bauman Moscow State University of Technology), Forestry Faculty (at the present time – Faculty of Forestry, Forest Industry Technology, and Landscape Development), with a specialty in Forestry, and qualification Engineer of Forestry, in the city of Mytishchi, Moscow Oblast, Russia (1973). PhD (1979), and Doctoral (1993) studies at the Department of Industrial Ecology and Protection of Forest (at the present time Department of Ecology and Forest Protection), Moscow Inst. For. Technol. Candidate (PhD, ...), and Doctor (DSc, 1994) of Biological Sciences in Entomology. DSc thesis: "Nasekomye – Ksilofagi Lesov Kyrgyzstana" (Insects – Hylophages of the Forests of Kyrgyzstan), Mytishchi, Moscow OblastMoscow St. For. Univ., 1993 (in Russian). The first in the history of Kyrgyzstan Doctor of Biological Sciences in Forest Science (1993), Professor in Ecology (1997), Academician of the International Academy of Ecology (1999), Academician, Vice-President, Chair for the Southern Branch of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic (2010), the Honorable Scientist of Kyrgyzstan (2007), Chair for the Expert Council on Biological and Chemical Sciences of the Supreme Attestation Commission Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic. Expert in forest science, general, forest and industrial ecology, sylviculture and protection of plants. PI and CoPI for national and international research projects and grants of the European Union, NATO, "Soros-Kyrgyzstan Foundation". Main directions of scientific activities: forest science, general ecology and biology, protection of plants, climate change, preservation of mountain forest ecosystems, ecology of water resources. Regularly participates numerous international conferences and symposiums. Was a research fellow in Ecology in Ghent (Belgium) and Freiburg (Germany) universities. Have a numerous contacts and closely cooperates with researchers from Switzerland, Belgium, China, Germany, France, UK, Poland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Turkey, Mexico, Morocco, Italy, Romania, Japan, Pakistan, USA, Lithuania, Russia, Kazakhstan. Advised 4 DSc and 15 PhD students. Associate editor-in-chief for peer-reviewed scientific journal "Proc. Osh Technol. Univ.", associate editor for international peer-reviewed scientific journal "Siberian J. For. Sci.". Author and co-author of more than 200 papers, including 8 monographs (2 of them published in France) and 2 textbooks. Some of them: "Insects Xylophages of Kyrgyzstan Forests", Moscow, 1993 (in Russian); "Nut-Fruit Forests of Southern Kyrgyzstan (Review Information)", Jalal-Abad, 1998 (in Russian); "Insects Xylophages of Coniferous Forests of Central Asia", Bishkek, 2004 (in Russian); "Insects Xylophages of Deciduous Tree Species of Central Asia", Bishkek, 2004 (in Russian); "Ecological Context in Sustainable Management of Juniper Forests in Southern Kyrgyzstan", Nancy, France, 2005 (in French); "Distribution of Bacillus thuringiensis in the complex of spore-forming bacteria of the genus Bacillus Cohn in the soils of the nut-fruit forests of southern Kyrgyzstan" In "Contemp. Probl. Ecol.", 2009; "Entomopathogenic microorganisms in the foci of the gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar L.) in nut-fruit forests of the south of Kyrgyzstan" In "Contemp. Probl. Ecol.", 2010;


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