Wang Chuankuan

Wang Chuankuan

Wang Chuankuan, born 22 November, 1963 in China. Graduated from the Zhenjiang Forestry University with B.Sc. in Forestry (1983), Northeast Forestry University (NEFU) with M.Sc. in Ecology (1989), and the University of Wisconsin-Madison with PhD in Forestry (2002). The Chang Jiang Scholar at NEFU in Harbin, China, Professor in Ecology, Director of the Center for Ecological Research at NEFU (2011), and the director of Heilongjiang Maoershan Forest Ecosystem Research National Key Station of China’s Department of Sciences and Technology (2004). Broadly interested in forestry and forest ecology, particularly in structure and functions of boreal and temperate forest ecosystems and their interactions with global changes and forest management, obtained more than 20 research grants. Winner of the "National Outstanding Youth Foundation” by the National Natural Sciences Foundation of China (2006). Associate editor for "Chinese Journal of Ecology", "Ecological Processes", and "Journal of Northeast Forestry University". Has reviewed papers for more than 20 scientific journals, e.g., "Global Change Biology", "Tree Physiology", "Forest Ecology and Management", etc. Author and co-author of more than 90 peer-reviewed papers. 

E-mail: + 86 (451) 8219-1331.

Total citation >1100; H-index – 17 since 2001.

Address: Center for Ecological Research, Northeast Forestry University, 26 Hexing Road, Xiangfang District, Harbin, 150040 China.

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