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CONTENTS (2014, N 3)


Siberian Journal of Forest Science    Number  3    2014    May – June   




A. A. Onuchin

From the Editor-in-Chief


Research Articles

S. N. Sannikov, N. S. Sannikova, I. V. Petrova, S. A. Shavnin

Development of Forest Population Biology and Biogeocenology in the Urals

P. A. Tsvetkov, L. V. Buryak

Studies of Fire Nature in the Forests of Siberia


E. N. Valendik, Ye. K. Kisilyakhov, V. A. Ryzhkova, E. I. Ponomarev, J. G. Goldammer

Forest fires Under Abnormal Weather Conditions


Yu. N. Krasnoshchekov, M. D. Evdokimenko, Ch. Dorjsuren

Fire Impact on Subtaiga Larch Forest Ecosystems of the Eastern Khentey Area in Mongolia


M. D. Evdokimenko

Pyrogenic Transformations of the Baikal Lake Forests. Retrospective and Contemporary Issues



V. A. Usoltsev, D. S. Gavrilin, V. P. Chasovskikh, A. V. Bornikov, Yu. V. Noritsina

Geography of Phytomass, Net Primary and Specific Primary Production of Larch Forests Within Eurasia 


R. A. Ziganshin, A. V. Kachaev

Woodland: Dynamics of Deciduous Tree Stand Average Diameters of the Principal Forest Types


R. T. Murzakmatov, V. L. Koshkarova, S. К. Farber

Ordination of Forest Types by Climate and Terrain Indices at Ulughem Forest Plant District in the Republic of Tuva


G. G. Polyakova, V. A. Senashova, M. V. Polyakov, N. V. Pashenova

Immune Characteristics of the Suburban Pine Stands of Krasnoyarsk City at Early Stage of Anthropogenous Damage


N. M. Debkov, A. M. Danchenko

The Siberian Stone Pine Stands Near Settlements in Tomsk Region. Problems of Sustainable Forest Use


A. B. Yakhyaev, V. S. Farzaliev

The Results of Complex Selective Logging in Beech-Hornbeam Tree Stands of the Greater Caucasus in Azerbaijan


Short Communications


V. V. Kuzmichev, L. S. Pshenichnikova

Impact of Pine Population Density on Tree Size Variability


G. S. Varaksin, A. A. Weis

Types of Structure and Sustainability of Forest Shelter Belts in the Southern Part of Central Siberia


I. D. Grodnitskaya, G. V. Kuznetsova

Resistance to Fungal Diseases of the Siberian (Pinus sibirica Du Tour) and Korean (Pinus koraiensis Siebold et Zucc.) Stone Pines in the Provenance Trails at the South of Krasnoyarsk Territory


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