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Murzakmatov R. T., Koshkarova V. L., Farber S. К. Ordination of Forest Types by Climate and Terrain Indices at Ulughem Forest Plant District in the Republic of Tuva

forest types, climate and land forms indices, digital terrain model of a land forms, mapping of plant communities, Ulughem forest plant district, Republic of Tuva


How to cite: Murzakmatov R. T., Koshkarova V. L., Farber S. К. Ordination of forest types by climate and terrain indices at Ulughem forest plant district in the Republic of Tuva // Sibirskij Lesnoj Zurnal (Siberian Journal of Forest Science). 2014. N. 3: 107–116 (in Russian with English abstract).

© Murzakmatov R. T., Koshkarova V. L., Farber S. К., 2014   
A diversity of forest establishment conditions is defined by a combination of values of heat and moisture. On district fields establishment varies depending on land forms indexes. The absolute height, level, and exposition have dimension. For problem solving of mapping of plant community's there is a possibility of use of digital models of land forms. In the paper, interrelation of forest types with climate and land form indexes with forest establishment at Ulughem Forest District with the use of a of straight line ordination method has been revealed. Ordination results are a scientific substantiation for mapping, both of plant communities, and of their environmental niches.

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