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Padutov V. E., Sidor A. I., Kagan D. I., Kovalevich O. A., Veras S. N. The Variability of Cytoplasmic DNA Haplotypes of Norway Spruce in the Provenance Trials

Norway spruce (Picea abies), variability, mitochondrial DNA, chloroplast DNA, haplotype, provenance trails


How to cite: Padutov V. E., Sidor A. I., Kagan D. I., Kovalevich O. A., Veras S. N. The variability of cytoplasmic DNA haplotypes of Norway spruce in the provenance trials // Sibirskij Lesnoj Zurnal (Siberian Journal of Forest Science). 2014. N. 4: 64–68 (in Russian with English abstract).

© Padutov V. E., Sidor A. I., Kagan D. I., Kovalevich O. A., Veras S. N., 2014  
The aim of the work was to study the variability of mitochondrial (mtDNA) and chloroplast (cpDNA) genomes of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) in the seed progeny of different geographical origin. The 27 climatypes of Norway spruce from six regions included in study-- Southwest (Ukraine), Baltic (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia), Byelorussian (Belarus), Northwest, Central and Priuralsky (Russia) as presented in the provenance trials of creation 1979 (Cherikov forestry, Mogilev region, Belarus). Genetic analysis of mtDNA was done on the locus mt15-D02, cpDNA – on the microsatellite loci Pt 26081, Pt 63718 and Pt 71936. It was found that the analyzed climatypes were presented by boreal (size of the PCR product mt15-D02 was 753 bp) and carpathian (1249 bp) mtDNA haplotypes (mitotypes). The first of them is found in all regions of growth climatypes (Priuralsky, Northwest, Central, Baltic, Byelorussian, Southwest), the second – only in Belarusian and Southwest regions. Herewith on the territory of Southwest region, the dominance of carpathian mitotypes is identified. It was shown that polymorphism cpDNA was significantly higher in comparison with the mtDNA. In total 13 alleles were revealed for the analyzed loci: Pt 63718 – five, Pt 26081 and Pt 71936 – four for each. For a number of alleles of loci cpDNA the clinal variation was found in the frequency of their occurrence: Pt 6371892 – reducing the frequency of occurrence from 50 % in Southwest region to 10 % in Baltic and 0 % in Northwest and Priuralsky regions; Pt 6371896 – increasing from 30 % in Southwest region to 100% Priuralsky region; Pt 71936142 – increasing of directions Southwest → Baltic regions and Southwest → Priuralsky regions. In general, 18 cpDNA haplotypes (chlorotypes) were detected by a combination of size variants alleles at loci on the study of the territory. Eight of them were met in the singular. The frequency of the remaining chlorotypes was ranged from 0.022 to 0.208. Only six of the 18 chlorotypes were occurred at a frequency greater than 5 %. It was revealed that some cpDNA haplotypes, as haplotypes mtDNA, of Norway spruce can be represented as being in all regions of the investigated part of the range as can be concentrated on certain of its territories. Based on these results the places of geographical location cpDNA and mtDNA haplotypes of Norway spruce on the territory of European Russia, the Baltic countries and some the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries are established.

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