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CONTENTS (2015, N 3)


Siberian Journal of Forest Science    Number    3    2015    May – June


V. G. Soukhovolsky

Foreword From Scientific Editor. Forest Ecological Modeling. Current Status and Prospects.

From Where it Might Appear New Ideas?



Research Articles

F. S. Berezovskaya, G. P. Karev

Modeling of Forest Dynamics


V. G. Soukhovolsky, Yu. D. Ivanova

Growth of Forest Stands as Analogue of Production Process in Economic Systems: E2E-Model



O. P. Sekretenko, P. Y. Grabarnik 

Analysis of Tree Stand Horizontal Structure Using Random Point Field Methods


A. N. Kolobov, E. S. Lonkina, E. Ya. Frisman 

Modeling and Analysis of Horizontal Structure of a Mixed Tree Stands
(on Example of Sample Plots in the «Bastak» Nature Reserve in the Middle Amur River Area)


A. S. Komarov, E. V. Zubkova, P. V. Frolov

Cellular-Automata Model of the Dwarf Shrubs Populations and Communities Dynamics


L. V. Nedorezov 

Non-Traditional Approach to Estimation of Ecological Models Parameters
(on Examples of Larch Bud Moth and Pine Looper Moth Population Dynamics)


O. V. Tarasova, I. I. Kalashnikova, V. V. Kuznecsova 

Energy Balance of Forage Consumption by Phyllophagous Insects: Optimization Model


A. V. Kovalev, P. E. Volkova

Modeling of Pheromone Communication System of Forest Lepidopterous Insects.
II. Model of Female Searching by Male



E. Ya. Frisman, O. L. Revutskaya, G. P. Neverova 

Basic Trends of Game Mammal Population Dynamics in the Russian Middle Amur River Area: the Observation and Simulation Results


S. I. Bartsev, A. A. Pochekutov 

The Method for Determination of Parameters of the Phenomenological Continual Model of Soil Organic Matter Transformation



V. G. Soukhovolsky

Upstream by the River of Time (to 85 Years of Birthday DSc. in Physics and Mathematics, Professor of Ecology Rem Grigorievich Khlebopros)


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