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CONTENTS (2015, N 6)


 Siberian Journal of Forest Science   Number   6   2015   November – December


Research Articles

S. N. Sannikov, D. S. Sannikov

Logging System and Regeneration of Pine Forests on Ecological-Genetic-Geographical Basis


S. R. Loskutov, O. A. Shapchenkova, A. A. Aniskina

Thermal Analysis of Wood of the Main Tree Species of Central Siberia



A. A. Aleynikov, A. V. Tyurin, L. V. Simakin, A. S. Efimenko, A. A. Laznikov

Fire History of Dark Needle Coniferous Forests in Pechora-Ilych Nature Reserve

From the Second Half of XIX Century to Present Time 




A. V. Manov, I. N. Kutyavin, M. N. Kovalev, A. F. Osipov

Tree Plant Organic Matter Stocks in Spruce Green Moss Piceetum Hylocomiosum

and Pine Lichen Pinetum Cladinosum Forest Communities after Windfall 




I. A. Goncharova, A. V. Benkova

The Impact of Weather Conditions on Dynamics of Hylocomium splendens Annual

Increment and Net Production in Forest Communities of Forest-Steppe Zone 

in Khakassia 



N. V. Gerling, V. V. Punegov, I. V. Gruzdev

Component Composition of Essential Oils and Ultrastructure of Secretory Cells

of Resin Channel Needles Juniperus communis (Cupressaceae)



M. A. Proskuryakov

Problem of Chronobiological Cyclic of Movement of Forest Ecosystems Properties. Communication 2


А. P. Kazankin

Landscape Features of Kislovodsk Medical Park 



L. P. Gabysheva, A. P. Isaev

Forest Fires’ Impact on Microclimatic and Soil Conditions in the Forests

of Cryolithic Zone (Yakutia, North-Eastern Russia) 




International Scientific Conference, Dedicated to 90 Years of Higher Forest Education

in Bulgaria (Sofia, Bulgaria, 6–9 May, 2015) 


Scientists’ Views

A. S. Isaev, N. A. Moiseev

The Need to Restore Federal Forest Service of Russia 



Sergei Mikhailovich Bebia (to 75 years of birthday)


Vladimir Andreevich Usoltsev (to 75 years of birthday)


Distinguished Scientist and Forestry Expert of Russia Vladimir Alekseevich Sokolov 

(to 75 years of birthday) 


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