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Editorial Message to Authors

editorial message to authors


How to cite: Message to authors // Sibirskij Lesnoj Zurnal (Siberian Journal of Forest Science). 2015. N. 1: 120 (in Russian and in English).


Dear Authors!

Please note the requirements applicable to Russian and international legislation in the field of intellectual property rights for the use of copyrighted material published in scientific journals. In order to comply with current legislation, as well as the generally accepted norms of publishing ethics, standard forms of publishing contracts with authors, as well as a number of other documents were developed and approved for further use, such as: «Declaration on Publication Ethics and Unacceptable Practices», Code of Conduct of the Committee on Publication Ethics – COPE and the «Code of Scientific Publication Ethics», developed by the Russian Committee on Scientific Publications’ Ethics, which are based on generally accepted international scientific community guidelines. These documents are freely available on the Siberian Journal of Forest Science website in the «Ethical principles» section, and on the MAIK «Nauka/Interperiodica» website in Russian and English.

The compliance with legal and ethical standards of scientific publications is now quite a burning question and is discussed in many forums. However, violations of legal and ethical standards continue to occur.

In this regard, we consider it necessary to remind the authors of the basic principles that must be followed in the preparation of scientific publications:

1. Each research paper must be accompanied by the «License Agreement» for the right to use the research paper in Siberian Journal of Forest Science», signed by the Author (s) and Publisher. Signing the License Agreement with the Author (s) should be the basis not only for the transmission of the paper in production (as is customary with the Publisher), but also for the adoption of its editorial staff to consider, as the Author (s) by the License Agreement guarantees, not only the provision of certain rights to use the paper, but also its originality, transfer only original paper to the Publisher, as well as compliance with rules for the use of unoriginal materials and data.

2. Any use by the Author(s) of previously published materials (tables, figures, parts of the text, including its own, which granted the right to use) must be accompanied by written permission of the right-holder.

3. In addition, as we have listed below, the Author (s) should not use unacceptable practices and editors should ensure maximum checking that such practices are not implemented:

Fabrication and falsification of data: fabrication of data means that the Author (s) did not carry out the referenced research, and made up (fabricated) data. Falsification of data means that the Author (s) has changed some of the data without research to justify the change;

Plagiarism: the misuse of other author(s)” ideas and works without a corresponding documentation of source and permission for their use; intentional appropriation of authorship of another person’s publications or parts of publications;

Repeated publication: submitting papers in several journals, which is a violation of the terms of publishing materials and in conflict with generally accepted international publishing ethics. In addition, the result of repeated publications is violation by us of the rights of other publishers that may result in legal proceedings and the payment of large sums of money in the form of compensation and fines, not only to publishers who previously published such papers, but also to distributors. There is no sense to talk about reputation in such cases;

Duplicate publication (selfplagiarism): submitting a similar or identical manuscript to more than one journal, often in different languages. Submission of the same material in different publications, including different languages is considered selfplagiarism.

The Editorial board of the Siberian Journal of Forest Science insists on compliance with the above and other legal norms, and avoidance of unacceptable practices. Papers submitted for publication without a «License Agreement for the right to use a research paper in Siberian Journal of Forest Science» (as well as the permission of the right-holder to use unoriginal materials) will not be accepted or considered by the editorial staff.

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