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Ivanov A. V. Forest Litter Stocks in Korean Pine-Broad-Leaved Forests of the Southern Sikhote Alin

forest litter, carbon, Korean pine forests, southern Sikhote Alin, Primorsky krai


How to cite: Ivanov A. V. Forest litter stocks in Korean pine-broad-leaved forests of the southern Sikhote Alin // Sibirskij Lesnoj Zurnal (Siberian Journal of Forest Science). 2015. N. 5: 87–95 (in Russian with English abstract).

DOI: 10.15372/SJFS20150507

© Ivanov A. V., 2015

The article presents the data on the forest litter of the Korean pine-broadleaved forests of the South of Primorsky krai. The focus of the research is plantations dominated by Korean pine; areas of the main tree species with ages of 50, 80, 130 and 200 years were selected. The dynamics of the forest litter stock in the pine and broadleaved forests of different ages according to the measurement results for the season in 2014 is stated. In the studied plantation, the forest litter stock varies between 9.7-20.3 t ha-1. The greatest value of the forest litter stock is recorded in old-growth cedar forest (200 years). Relatively high power and the stock of litter are typical for young Korean pine forest that can explain the lower speed of the litter properties change against the dynamics of taxation indicators of the forest stand. The difference between the amount of the litter in the 200-year-old and remaining pine trees are statistically significant at p = 0.05. The dependence of the litter power on the age is not revealed. The coefficient of the forest litter decomposition ranges from 2.55-10.60 that characterizes the high speed of its rotting. The highest coefficient of the litter decomposition has an old-growing pine forest. The schedule of seasonal humidity fluctuations of the forest litter on the chosen plot is made; with increasing cedar forest age, the volumetric moisture content of the forest litter increases; volumetric moisture content on the plots remain relatively unchanged during the season. The area of the Korean pine forests of Primorsky State Academy of Agriculture is 6835 ha. The amount of carbon stock in the forest litter is 38.7 thousand tons C. in this area, while the system of regional assessment of the forest carbon balance estimates this index as 24.3 tons С. The data obtained can be used to adjust the coefficients of regional assessment of the forest carbon balance for cedar forests of Primorsky krai. 

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