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Kazankin A. P. Landscape Features of Kislovodsk Medical Park

Kislovodsk medical park, polypaleobiospheric structure, forests, volatile compounds, air, soil, rocks, mineral waters


How to cite: Kazankin A. P. Landscape features of Kislovodsk medical park // Sibirskij Lesnoj Zurnal (Siberian Journal of Forest Science). 2015. N. 6: 86–95 (in Russian with English abstract).

DOI: 10.15372/SJFS201506008

© Kazankin A. P., 2015

An attempt to reveal some of the unique features of the Kislovodsk medical park landscape and explain reasons for its beneficial effects on human health, which could serve as one of the arguments to justify giving the park the status of specially protected area have been done in the paper. It marked features of the climate of the park, reminiscent of the features of the monsoon – a dry winter and a moderately humid summers. It’s stated, that one of the main features of the landscape of the park is the presence of layers of the upper and lower Cretaceous (former biosphere by V. I. Vernadsky) in which biogeochemical information for many tens of millions of years is compressed. Rocks, coming to the surface, creating a polypaleobiospheris structure of the park. The data on the influence of the chemical composition of rocks (former biospheres) on forest and meadow-steppe formation are presented. It is shown, that the same rock formed a close relationship Ca and Mg in the soil absorbing complex mountain-meadow chernozem (mould humus) and forest soils in the area of ​​nutrition sources and mineral water to a depth of tens of meters in Kislovodsk. It emphasizes the potential of the park selection plants (800 species of herbaceous and more than 250 species and varieties of trees and shrubs) volatile compounds that reflect the biogeochemical characteristics of rock ten tiers of the lower and upper Cretaceous. The geological age of various rocks is recommended to consider with forest plantation and forest typological zoning and development. It is considered appropriate to introduce under the canopy of artificial plants useful forest plants. It’s offered to include in the park area Kislovodsk forestry district and all forests within the boundaries of mountain-sanitary protection zone of the Caucasian Mineral Waters resorts.

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