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CONTENTS (2016, N 3)


Siberian Journal of Forest Science    Number    3    2016   May – June


Research Articles

L. I. Milyutin

Study of Siberian Forest Genetic Resources 



Yu. S. Cherednikova, Yu. N. Krasnoshchekov

Forest Ecosystems of South-Western Pribaikalie: Contemporary Status and Mapping 


S. A. Dubrovnaya

Life Cycle and Regeneration Niches of Herbaceous Plants in Forest Communities 



T. A. Moskalyuk

Chosenia arbutifolia (Salicaceae): Life Strategies and Introduction Perspectives 


L. N. Skripal'shchikova, I. A. Dneprovskii, V. V. Stasova, M. A. Plyashechnik, 

N. V. Greshilova, O. V. Kalugina

Morphological and Anatomical Characteristics of Scots Pine Needles under Industrial 

Pollution Impact of Krasnoyarsk City 


E. G. Paramonov, I. D. Rybkina

Stabilization of Aley River Water Content by Forest Stands


V. G. Soukhovolsky, F. N. Tomilin, P. V. Artyushenko, P. E. Tsikalova

System of Forest Insect Pheromone Communication: Stability of «Information» Molecules

to Environmental Factors 


D. L. Grodnitsky, A. V. Gurov

Addendum to Aphids’ Fauna, Feeding on Flowering Plants in Krasnoyarsk Krai 


S. V. Zalesov, I. A. Freiberg, O. V. Tolkach

The Problem of Improvement of Birch Stand Productivity in Forest Steppe of Cis-Urals




Forest Geneticist and Selectionist Leonid Iosifovich Milyutin (to 85 years of birthday)


Nina Eugenievna Sudachkova (to 80 years of birthday) 


In Memory of Researchers

Viktor Leonidovich Cherepnin (to 85 years of birthday) (1931-2009)


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