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CONTENTS (2016, N 4)


    Siberian Journal of Forest Science    Number    4        2016    July – August


V. A. Sokolov

Foreword from the Scientific Editor 



V. A. Usoltsev

Specific Net Primary Production of the Eurasia Forest-Forming Species 

in Transcontinental Gradients: Methods and Uncertainties


I. A. Kuzmin

Basic Problems of Management in the Sphere of Forest Relations 

in Retrospect of Public Prosecutor 



L. N. Vashchuk

On Reliability of the State Forest Register Data of the Forests Studied 

and Ways to Eliminate Defects



V. А. Sokolov, О. P. Vtyurina, N. V. Sokolova

On Elaboration of Strategy for Developing Forest Complex of Krasnoyarsk Krai until 2030


S. Özden, S. Ayan

Forest Crimes as a Threat to Sustainable Forest Management



S. K. Farber, N. S. Kuz’mik, N. V. Bryukhanov

Errors of Forest Interpretation in Angara River Region by the Method of Satellite 

Scene Pixel Classification


V. A. Usoltsev, V. P. Chasovskikh, Yu. V. Noritsina, D. V. Noritsin

Allometric Models of Tree Biomass for Airborne Laser Scanning and Ground Inventory 

of Carbon Pool in the Forests of Eurasia: Comparative Analysis



V. I. Voronin, V. A. Oskolkov, V.A. Buyantuev, A. P. Sizykh

Trends in Dynamics of Forest Upper Boundary in High Mountains of Northern Baikal Area 


G. S. Varaksin, A. A. Vais

The Tendencies in the Condition of Field-Protecting Shelter Belts in Southern Siberia 



G. G. Polyakova, M. V. Polyakov, A. A. Ibe, N. М. Podolyak

Forest Inventory Assessment of Naturally Regenerated Young Pine Tree Stand 


R. A. Ziganshin

Woodland: Dynamics of Average Diameters of Coniferous Tree Stands 

of the Principal Forest Types 


I. N. Petukhov

The Main Forest Inventory Characteristics of the Stands Damaged 

by Hurricane Winds in the Southern Taiga Subzone (Kostroma Oblast) 



T. N. Chimitdorzhiev, M. E. Bykov, Yu. I. Kantemirov, I. I. Kirbizekova, B. B. Labarov, 

A. K. Baltukhaev

To the Question on Accuracy of Forest Heights’ Measurements by the TanDEM-X 

Radar Interferometry Data


S. L. Shevelev

Bark Formation of the Siberian Larch Trees 



N. A. Moiseev

Urgent Need to Restore Forest Planning in Russia



Gold Name of Siberia: Vadim Konstantinovich Savostyanov (to 75 years of birthday)


In Memory of Academician Anatoly Borisovich Zhukov (to 115 years of birthday) 

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