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Klimov A. V., Proshkin B. V. Morphological Identification of Populus nigra × P. laurifolia Natural Hybrids in the Flood-Plain of Tom' River

natural poplar hybrids, identification, distribution, Kemerovo Oblast


How to cite: Klimov A. V.1, Proshkin B. V.1, 2 Morphological identification of Populus nigra × P. laurifolia natural hybrids in the flood-plain of Tom' river // Sibirskij Lesnoj Zurnal (Siberian Journal of Forest Science). 2016. N. 5: 5562 (in Russian with English abstract).

DOI: 10.15372/SJFS20160506

© Klimov A. V., Proshkin B. V., 2016

A comparative analysis of variability of morphological characteristics of Populus nigra L., Populus laurifolia Ledeb. (Salicaceae) and their natural hybrids in the flood-plain of Tom’ river (Kemerovo Oblast) revealed traits for identification of the natural hybrids. The most important of them are: the ribbing of the long shoots, types of short shoots of crown, location generative buds on the shoots, the number of bud's glumes of the generative buds, and the shape of the leaf blade. The morphometric characteristics of leaves should be used to clarify the nature of the hybrid individuals. In female hybrids, the reliable diagnostic feature is the number of box cusps. Qualitative and quantitative characteristics of hybrids for the most part are of intermediate character, but the differentiation of shoots crown and location generative buds hybrids closer to the Populus laurifolia. Values morphometric attributes of leaves at hybrids in most cases authentically differ fromones P. nigra and P. laurifolia, and combinations of these differences in each hybrid model are individual. Hybrids don't form separate populations, grow by single trees or form small clones in a flood-plain of Tom' river. Occurrence of hybrids depends on stage of their development and increases in areas with significant anthropogenic pressure.

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