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Nikolin E. G., Yakshina I. А., Lashchinskiy N. N. Distribution of Some Woody Species at the Northern Boundary in Ust’-Lenskiy Nature Reserve (Yakutia). Communication II. Shrubby Alder Duschekia fruticosa (Rupr.) Pouzar

alder bush, locations, northern progression, Lena river


How to cite: Nikolin E. G.1, 2, Yakshina I. А.2, Lashchinskiy N. N.3 Distribution of some woody species at the northern boundary in Ust’-Lenskiy nature reserve (Yakutia). Communication II. Shrubby alder Duschekia fruticosa (Rupr.) Pouzar // Sibirskij Lesnoj Zurnal (Sib. J. For. Sci.). 2019. N. 2. P. 32–44 (in Russian with English abstract).

DOI: 10.15372/SJFS20190203

© Nikolin E. G., Yakshina I. А., Lashchinskiy N. N., 2019

The distribution of the shrubby alder Duschekia fruticosa (Rupr.) Pouzar at the northern boundary, on the right bank of the Lena river in Ust’-Lenskiy nature reserve in Yakutia has been studied. Shrubby alder stands growing in 11 landscape-topological compartments of the area: along the banks of the Lena river, between the Tit-Ary island and the mouth of the Chinke river; ibid, between the mouth of the Chinke river and the mouth of the Sobol’-Yuryage river, ibid, below the mouth of the Sobol’-Yuryage river; on the banks and in the floodplain of the Chinke and Sobol’-Yuryage rivers and on the islands of the Lena delta. On the right bank of the Lena river between the Tit-Ary island and the mouth of the Chinke river shrubby alder groves stretch with small gaps, and downstream of the Lena river they are fragmentary, represented by limited, usually undersized brakes within the predominant tundra spaces. The maximum site of individual shrubby alder plants east of the bank of the Lena river is 2.2 km. The locations of growth of this species in the continental part of the nature reserve, in the north correspond to the coordinates of 72° 12' 22.6'' N, 126° 57' 53.7'' E; in the east - 72° 06' 33.1'' N, 127° 02' 38.5'' E and in the delta of the Lena river, on Samoylovskiy island – 72° 23' 15'' N, 126° 28' 37'' E. The altitudinal boundary of the distribution of shrubby alder in the mountainous part of the studied area is 30–50 m a. s. l. The conservation regime of the territory prevents anthropogenic influence on the natural process of moving shrubby alder to the north, which makes it possible to organize and conduct long-term monitoring observations of the dynamics of forest vegetation in the far north. The published results represent the second part of the cycle of authors' publications devoted to the study of forest boreal flora in the tundra zone of Yakutia, downstream of the Lena river.

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