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Leonid Iosifovich Milyutin (Celebrating 90th Birthday) *

Leonid Iosifovich Milyutin, forest genetics, selection, variability, structure of populations, dendrology, conifers, larch species of Siberia


* Article is published in online edition

How to cite: Leonid Iosifovich Milyutin (сelebrating 90th birthday) // Sibirskij Lesnoj Zurnal (Sib. J. For. Sci.). 2021. N. 3 (in Russian with English abstract).

The paper deals with the biography and analysis of the scientific achievements of Leonid Iosifovich Milyutin in connection with his anniversary. L. I. Milyutin is well-known specialist in the field of forest genetics, selection and plant breeding, dendrology, forest ecology. He made a great contribution to the study of variability and structure of populations of the main forest-forming species of conifers of Siberian forest. L. I. Milyutin paid the great attention in his researches to larches of Siberia; in addition, he studied the other species, such as Scots pine, Siberian spruce, Siberian fir. Many research results of L. I. Milyutin are used in forestry industry. Together with his colleagues, he participates in the development of the foundations for creating a forest seed base in different regions. The pedagogical and scientific organization activities of L. I. Milyutin are characterized.

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