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Ivanov А. V., Shashenok D. S. Korean Pine Pinus koraiensis Siebold & Zucc. in Under-Canopy Forest Crops of the Southern Part of Far East

forest crops, Korean cedar pine, reforestation, growth, increment by DBH, increment by height, silvicultural care, Primorsky Krai


How to cite: Ivanov А. V., Shashenok D. S. Korean pine Pinus koraiensis Siebold & Zucc. in under-canopy forest crops of the southern part of Far East // Sibirskij Lesnoj Zurnal (Sib. J. For. Sci.). 2018. N. 6. P. 80–90 (in Russian with English abstract).

DOI: 10.15372/SJFS20180607

© Ivanov А. V., Shashenok D. S., 2018

The results of the survey of the Korean pine Pinus koraiensis Siebold & Zucc. forest crops in the south of the Far East are presented. Reforestation in this region began in the 1950s and 1960sTherefore, most of the studies were carried out in the young stands. Our studies were conducted on the territory of Ussuriysky and Kurortny Forestry Districts of Primorsky Krai, where 25 temporary sample plots were located. On sample plots, the forest crop indicators were within the following ranges: average DBH 1.0–14.4 cm; average height 1.8–13.7 m; average age 14–42 years. The key role of the inadequacy (in some cases, absence) of silvicultural care for under-canopy Korean pine forest crops in reducing their growth rates is shown. The annual increment of the forest crops in the height and DBH is largely determined by the density of upper stand canopy (R2 = 0.6–0.8), which, after first care logging (reconstructive cuttings), should containno more than 15 m2/ha of the upper stand canopy area. Annual DBH increments were analyzed for the Korean pine trees in different sample plots. The trends of a sharp decrease in the width of annual rings in the compartments without silvicultural care are revealed. The first care logging should be made not later than in 15 years after planting forest crops, when their requirement for photosynthetic active radiation (FAR) sharply increases. Forest crops created in open space in the first years had an increase in DBH up to 1 cm per year, which in the absence of clearing decreased twice. After the creation of under-canopy Korean pine monocrops in Primorsky Krai, multi-tree species stands are naturally formed; therefore, simultaneous use of other tree species for planting is not recommended.

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