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Menshchikov S. L., Zav’yalov K. E., Mokhnachev P. E., Kuz’mina N. A. National Scientific Conference with International Participation Biological Rehabilitation of Disturbed Land

contaminated and disturbed lands, biological rehabilitation, methods


How to cite: Menshchikov S. L., Zav’yalov K. E., Mokhnachev P. E., Kuz’mina N. A. National scientific conference with international participation «Biological rehabilitation of disturbed lands» // Sibirskij Lesnoj Zurnal (Sib. J. For. Sci.). 2018. N. 5. P. 92–94 (in Russian with English abstract).

DOI: 10.15372/SJFS20180509

© Menshchikov S. L., Zav’yalov K. E., Mokhnachev P. E., Kuz’mina N. A., 2018

The 10th national scientific conference with international participation Biological Rehabilitation of Disturbed Lands was held in the city of Yekaterinburg on September 4–7, 2017. More than 180 participants attended the conference from various institutions of 39 Russian cities of Russia and 7 countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Turkey, and Ukraine). Participation in the conference of a wide range of researchers and specialists is an indicator that the problem of rehabilitation is not becoming obsolete, but, on the contrary, it is growing more urgent. This problem is among the priority tasks of many regions of Russia and foreign countries in which oil and gas production, various mining industries are developed and the transformation of natural landscapes into post-industrial ones takes place. These problems are discussed at the conference which takes place every 5 years in Yekaterinburg. Thanks to an active exchange of experience between specialists from different countries and due to analysis and discussion of the results, the prospects of cooperation aimed at improving the ecological situation and rational use of natural resources in the industrialized regions are developing. The publications of proceedings of the conference are of great scientific and practical value for scientists and specialists dealing with the problem of rehabilitation and monitoring of disturbed lands. Evaluating the global character of the problems of the conference, an appeal was addressed to the Governments of the regions of the Russian Federation for targeted financing of basic research in industrial regions with a high concentration of disturbed lands. To protect public health and preserve the gene pool of animals and plants, the need of assessingthe quality of products obtained in the regions that undergo biological rehabilitation is emphasized. The published collection of conference proceedings presents the results of the research of the last decade.

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