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Baranchikov Yu. N. Modern Textbook on Forest Insect Pests

Allison J. D., Paine T. D., Slippers B., Wingfield M. J., forest entomology, monograph, review


UDC 595.7 (075.8)

How to cite: Baranchikov Yu. N. Modern textbook on forest insect pests // Sibirskij Lesnoj Zurnal (Sib. J. For. Sci.). 2023. N. 5. P. 109–112 (in Russian with English abstract and references).

The review of the book by Allison J. D., Paine T. D., Slippers B., Wingfield M. J. (Eds.). Forest entomology and pathology. Vol. I. Entomology. Springer Nature: Cham, Switzerland, 2023. 810 p.

DOI: 10.15372/SJFS20230514

© Baranchikov Yu. N., 2023



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