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CONTENTS (2021, N 2)


             Siberian Journal of Forest Science    Number    2    2021    March – April



A. D. Koshkarov, V. L. Koshkarova, D. I. Nazimova

Centuries-Old Climatic Trends of Transformation of the Siberian Stone Pine 

Forests in Different Forest Vegetation Zones of the Western Sayan Mountains


A. S. Shishikin, T. V. Ponomareva, D. Yu. Efimov, A. A. Lyuto, I. I. Bryukhanov

Impact of Utilization of Munitions to Forest Ecosystems


A. P. Chevychelov, A. A. Alekseev, L. I. Kuznetsova

Magnetic Susceptibility of Permafrost Soils of the Forest Catena 

in Central Yakutia


A. V. Klimov, B. V. Proshkin

Introgressive Hybridization of Populus laurifolia Ledeb. and Populus nigra L. 

in the Tom River Basin: Scale, Direction and Significance


G. Sukhbaatar, K.-W. Kim, B. Purevragchaa, B. Oyuntsetseg, B. Ganbaatar, 

B. Tseveen, G. Dashzeveg, B. Dovdondemberel, A. I. Lobanov

Deforestation and Degradation of Forests in the Khustai Nuruu Mountains 

of Northern Mongolia


S. R. Loskutov, E. A. Petrunina, A. A. Aniskina

The Hygroscopic Properties of Siberian Conifer Bark: Thermal Analysis 

and Sorption


V. А. Usoltsev, I. S. Tsepordey

Predicting Stem Biomass of Pine Trees in Natural Tree Stands and Forest 

Crops Due to Climate Change


A. V. Manov, I. N. Kutyavin

Spatial Interrelations in the Placement of Woody Plants in the Middle Taiga 

Virgin Spruce Forests of the Upper Reaches of the Pechora River


A. A. Deryugin

Formation of Spruce Tree Stands in Parcellar Structures with the Same 

Density of Preliminary Spruce Generation after Logging Birch Stand


A. P. Kazankin

The Role of Forest in Geoecological System of the Caucasian Mineral Waters


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