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CONTENTS (2021, N 4)


  Siberian Journal of Forest Science    Number    4    2021    July – August



M. D. Evdokimenko

Forest Fires in Mountain Pribaykalie


V. А. Sokolov, O. P. Vtyurina, N. V. Sokolova

Forest Resources of Krasnoyarsk Krai: Prospects and Limitations of the Use


I. A. Tselitan, V. A. Sokolov, I. M. Danilin

Structure and Growth of the Stands, Formed in Cuttings and Burns in Krasnoyarsk Priangar’e


A. P. Kovalev, A. Yu. Alekseenko, E. V. Lashina, V. A. Kovalev

Features of Natural Renewal of the Korean Pine in Coniferous-Broad-Leaved Forests 

of the Far East


V. V. Voronin, S. V. Tret’yakov, Yu. N. Shumilova, А. А. Karpov, M. A. Ermolina

Justification of Forest Management Measures for Recreational Forests of the North-East 

of the European Part of Russia


A. R. Akhmetov, S. V. Boronnikova, Y. A. Yanbaev, Yu. A. Nechaeva

On the Impact of Fragmentation of Broad-Leaved Forests in the Republic of Bashkortostan

on the Genetic Resources of Acer platanoides L.



G. S. Mironov, D. A. Svishchev

Forest Planning in Eastern Siberia. Celebrating 60th Anniversary of the East-Siberian Branch

of the Federal State Budgetary Enterprise «Roslesinforg»


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