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CONTENTS (2021, N 6)


     Siberian Journal of Forest Science    Number    6    2021    November – December



V. A. Ivanov, G. A. Ivanova, E. O. Baksheeva, A. S. Morozov

Estimating of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Fires in Light Coniferous Forests 

of the Lower Angara Region


T. T. Efremova, A. V. Pimenov, S. P. Efremov, A. F. Avrova

Postpyrogenic Mosaicism of Physicochemical Properties and Carbon Losses 

in Forest Soils of the Swampy Valley of the Kuznetsk Alatau


A. G. Matveeva

Dynamics of Forest Fires in the Russian Far East


S. R. Loskutov, E. A. Tyutkova, M. A. Plyashechnik, E. A. Petrunina, 

O. A. Shapchenkova, A. A. Aniskina

Early Instrumental Diagnostics of Fungal Infections in Wood


O. N. Zubareva, D. A. Prysov, O. S. Bulanova

Analyzing the Health of Trees and Shrubs of Krasnoyarsk Central Park


E. V. Bykova-Sashko

Current State of the Siberian Stone Pine (Pinus sibirica Du Tour) Stands 

in Sayano-Shushensky Biosphere Reserve


V. А. Usoltsev, I. STsepordey

Climatically Caused Territorial Changes in the Phytomass of Forest-Forming 

Tree Species of Eurasia and Their Forecasting



V. A. Usoltsev

On Some Methodological Violation in Estimating the Net Primary Production of Forests



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