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CONTENTS (2022, N 6)


     Siberian Journal of Forest Science    Number    6    2022    November – December



A. P. Kovalev, Т. Т. Kochanova

Silvicultural Assessment of Wood Harvesting Technologies 

in Coniferous-Broad-Leaved Forests of the Far East


D. G. Zamolodchikov, A. V. Ivanov, V. I. Grabovskiy, N. A. Yust, N. A. Timchenko

Environmental Functions of Protective Forests in Amur Oblast 


N. P. Kuz’mina, S. V. Ermolaeva, A. P. Chevychelov

Microbocenoses of Permafrost Forest Soils in Central Yakutia


S. G. Prokushkin, O. A. Zyryanova, A. E. Petrenko, A. S. Prokushkin

Stocks of Phytodetrite and Its Biogenic Elements in Larch Forests 

in Small Watershead Basin of Central Evenkia


T. M. Kharpukhaeva, L. V. Afanas’eva, O. V. Kalugina, M. V. Oskorbina

Species Composition and Vegetation Structure of Light Coniferous Forests 

under Pollution of Aluminum Smelter Emissions in Irkutsk Oblast


V. А. Usoltsev, I. S. Tsepordey

Models and Tables of the Phytomass of Dead Branches in Growing Trees of Scots Pine 

and Silver Birch in the Steppe Zone


I. N. Egorova, G. S. Tupikova, O. V. Shergina

Soil Algae of Forest Stands of the Town of Usolʼe-Sibirskoe and Its Surrounding Territories 

(Irkutsk Oblast)


I. A. Tselitan, I. M. Danilin

Valuation of the Cost of Green Stands in Beysky District, Republic of Khakassia 


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