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CONTENTS (2023, N 2)


  Siberian Journal of Forest Science    Number    2    2023    March – April



A. V. Lebedev, V. V. Kuzmichev

Dynamics of Forest Survey Parameters of Pine Tree Stands 

According to Long-Term Observation Data


I. N. Kutyavin, A. V. Manov, A. F. Osipov, K. S. Bobkova

Long-Term Dynamics of the Composition, Structure and State of Tree Stands 

of Northern Taiga Pine Forests in the European North-East of Russia


E. A. Surina, N. S. Minin

Mixed Pine-Birch Stands with a Second Storey of Spruce, Forming under the Influence 

of Thinning in North Taiga Forest Region of Arkhangelsk Oblast


А. А. Paramonov, V. А. Usoltsev, S. V. Tretyakov, S.V. Koptev, А. A. Karaban, I. V. Tsvetkov,

А. V. Davydov, I. S. Tsepordey

Yield Table of Willow Stands’ Phytomass of Arkhangelsk Oblast


O. A. Goncharova, O. E. Zotova

Siberian Stone Pine in Urbanized Environment of the Arctic Zone (Apatity, Murmansk Oblast)


Deryugin A. A., Yu. B. Glazunov

The Growth and State of Spruce under the Canopy of Oxalis Birch Forests 

in the Southern Taiga of the European Part of Russia


E. V. Lashina

Operational Features of the Far East Forests


S. O. Medvedeva, О. E. Cherepanova

Taxonomic Issues of the Genus Betula


S. G. Knyazeva

Comparative Study of Morphological and Anatomical Features of the Needles 

of Intraspecific Variations of Common Juniper


A. V. Karakulov, D. N. Shaulo, E. A. Shikalova

A New Form of Spiraea flexuosa Fisch. ex Cambess. (Rosaceae Juss.) from Western Sayan


I. Yu. Buyanov, M. E. Konovalova, D. M. Danilina, N. A. Zhilenko, K. V. Shestak

Diversity of the Species Composition of Terrestrial Vertebrates in the Zone of Potential Impact

of the Nizhneboguchanskaya Hydro Electric Power Reservoir



A. A. Onuchin, I. N. Pavlov, A. V. Pimenov

Fundamental Work on Forest Science and Mountain Forestry: 

S. M. Bebiya. Forests of Abkhazia. Monograph. Sukhum: Academy, 2022. 589 p.



Iosif Afanas’evich Bekh (27.10.1927 – 09.02.2022)


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