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CONTENTS (2023, N 6)


Siberian Journal of Forest Science    Number    6    2023    November – December


G. A. Ivanova

Foreword from the Scientific Editor for Thematic Issue of the Siberian Journal of Forest Science



G. A. Ivanova, V. A. Ivanov, A. V. Musokhranova, A. A. Onuchin

Forest Fires and the Causes of Their Occurence in Central Siberia


P. D. Tretyakov, E. I. Ponomarev

Wildfires of the Arctic Zone of Siberia Under the Conditions of Climatic Changes

of the XX – Early XXI Centuries


R. V. Kotelnikov, A. N. Chugaev

Comparative Estimation of the Quality of Fire Danger Indexes in Forests


V. A. Ivanov, G. A. Ivanova, E. O. Baksheeva

Updating Regional Fire Hazard Scales for Forest Areas of Krasnoyarsk Krai 


A. V. Volokitina

Development of an Identifier of Primary Fire Carriers (on the Example 

of Krasnoyarsk Priangar’e)


Yu. V. Saltsevich, L. V. Buryak, A. N. Golovina, E. A. Kukavskaya

Assessment of the State of Forests Disturbed by Fires, Logging, and Insects 

in the Foothills of the Eastern Sayan Mountains


S. V. Zhila, I. V. Furyaev, N. M. Kovaleva

Assessment of Stocks of Forest Combustible Materials in Fir Stands, 

Damaged by the Four-Eyed Fir Bark Beetle in Krasnoyarsk Krai


A. G. Matveeva, R. S. Velikiy, A. L. Grebenyuk

Post-Fire Succession in Coniferous-Broad-Leaved Forests of the Anyuskiy National Park


N. M. Kovaleva, G. A. Ivanova, S. V. Zhila

The Impact of Surface Fires on Ground Cover in Pine Forests of Southern Taiga


G. F. Antonova, V. V. Stasova, A. S. Morozov, S. V. Zhila, O. N. Zubareva

Phloem- and Xylogenesis in Scots Pine Stems in the Post-Fire Period


I. M. Sekerin, S. V. Zalesov, A. M. Eritsov, A. A. Krektunov

An Experience in Extinguishing Peat-Bog Fires by Flooding 



A. V. Bryukhanov, R. V. Kotelnikov

Development of Navigation Aids and Decision Support Systems in Forest Firefighting


V. V. Usenya

Protection of Forests from Fires in the Republic of Belarus: Status and Ways for Improvement



G. A. Ivanova, E. K. Kisilyakhov

Scientific Cooperation on the Problem of Forest Fires in Siberia (to the 30th Anniversary 

of the Bor International Experiment – 1993-2023)








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