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CONTENTS (2024, N 4)


          Siberian Journal of Forest Science    Number    4    2024    July – August



G. V. Kuznetsova

Vegetative and Seed Progeny of Rare Forms of the Siberian Stone Pine 

in Krasnoyarsk Forest-Steppe


E. E. Timoshok, Timoshok E. N., Gureeva I. I.

Composition, Structure and Ecological Features of High-Mountain Old-Growth 

Pine Forests on the North Chuysky Ridge (Altai Republic)


D. A. Polosukhina, D. V. Trusov, S. V. Titov, A. S. Prokushkin

Fractional Composition of Phytomass and Photosynthetic Pigments 

of the Shrub Layer Mixed Forest in the Middle Taiga Subzone


S. O. Vyukhin, A. A. Grigoriev, D. S. Balakin, A. S. Timofeev, P. A. Moiseev

Structure and Dynamics of Cenopopulations of Shrub Alder in Forest-Mountain 

Tundra Ecotone in the Western Part of the Putorana Plateau


E. F. Tropina, A. A. Knorre, M. G. Erunova, M. K. Tselikhin

Dynamics of Snow Cover in the Foothills of the Eastern Sayan 


T. P. Orekhova

Reproduction of Korean Poplar in vitro


A. V. Lebedev

Dynamic Model of Growth of Pine Tree Stands in the European part of Russia

According to Repeated Observations


L. V. Zarubina, S. S. Makarov, I. B. Kuznetsova

The Influence of Structural Differentiation of Trees and Selective Logging 

on Physiological Processes of Scots Pine


V. O. Kornienko, V. N. Kalaev

Viability of Pedunculate Oak in the City of Donetsk 


E. R. Bukhanov, K. A. Afanasova, V. V. Vagner, M. N. Volochaev, V. I. Nikitina, 

S. A. Pyatina, A. D. Shefer, Shabanov V. F.

The Influence of Foliar Fertilizing on the Structural and Optical Properties of Wheat 


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