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Lebedev A. V. Valeriy Vasil’evich Kuz’michev (Celebrating 90th Birthday) *

patterns of growth of tree stands, modeling of dynamics, Valeriy Vasil’evich Kuzmichev, 90th anniversary



* Article is published in online edition

UDC 630*

How to cite: Lebedev A. V. Valeriy Vasil’evich Kuz’michev (celebrating 90th birthday) // Sibirskij Lesnoj Zurnal (Sib. J. For. Sci.). 2023. N. 5 (Online edition) ... p. (in Russian with English abstract).

© Lebedev A. V., 2023

The article presents information from the biography of V. A. Kuz’michev and briefly analyzes the results of his scientific studies. V. V. Kuzmichev is a well-known specialist in the field of forest science and forest ecology, who made a significant contribution to the study of the growth patterns of tree stands. V. V. Kuzmichev paid much attention to approaches of modeling dynamics of a tree coenoses, systematization of quantitative methods for assessing the stability of tree stands in relation to external influences, and the use of general patterns in characterizing the state and dynamics of woody plant populations. According to the results of studies by V. V. Kuzmichev, more than 200 scientific and educational works were published. The contribution of V. V. Kuzmichev to the training of students, forest researchers and forestry workers in Russia is noted. He prepared 18 candidates and 2 doctors of sciences. At present, V. V. Kuzmichev continues his scientific activity, works with students, and publishes the results of his studies. 

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