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Abe Nobuyuki

Abe Nobuyuki, born 14 July, 1944. Graduated from Niigata University Faculty of Agriculture, with a specialty in Forestry, qualification Engineer of Forestry, in the city of NiigataNiigata Prefecture, Japan (1968). PhD in Forestry from Niigata University (1988). Professor Emeritus for Niigata University (2010). Director for Scientific Research at Vision Tech. Inc. (VTI), in the city of TsukubaIbaraki PrefectureJapan (since 2011 to present time). Expert in forest biomass assessment and forest dynamics analysis using remote sensing methods. PI and CoPI for more than 50 national and international research projects including Siberian forest expertise and experiences. Member of the editorial board for peer-reviewed scientific journal Sibirskij Lesnoj ZurnalSiberian Journal of Forest Science (2014-2020). Author and co-author of more than 100 peer-reviewed papers and 5 books. Some of them: "Growth Dynamics and Biodiversity of Larch Forest after Wildfire at the North of Central Siberia" In "World Res. Rev.", 1996; "Estimating stand structure using digitalized aerial photography" In "J. For. Res.", 1999; "Evaluation of Harvest Priority for Sugi Plantations using GISIn "J. For. Plann.", 2000; "Encyclopedia of Forest and Forestry", Tokyo, 2001 (in Japanese); "Combining Visual Interpretation and Supervised Classification Technique with Optical Satellite Data for Classifying Tropical Forest Cover" In "J. For. Plann.", 2001; "The Relationship between Tropical Forest Stand Variables after a Fire and SPOT XS Satellite Data" In "J. For. Plann.", 2001; "Siberian Forests. Approach of Russian and Japanese Researchers", Tokyo, 2004 (in Japanese), "Estimating Structural Attributes of the Beech Natural Forests Using Landsat TM Data" In "Res. Bul. Niigata Univ. For.", 2001; "Validity of Thinning in Japan Cedar Forest Plantations Using Space Image and GIS Data" In "For. Invent. For. Plan.", 2001 (in Russian with summary in English); "Estimation of Carbon Stock in Sugi Plantations using High-Resolution Quik-Bird Images" In "The Role of Forests for Coming Generations: Philosophy and Technology for Forest Resource Management", Jap. Soc. For. Plann. Press, Tokyo, Japan, 2005; "Topographic Correction Effect on Sugi (Cryptomeria japonica D. Don) Stand Volume Estimation using Multi Temporal Landsat TM and ASTER Satellite Images in Mountainous Tsugawa Region, Niigata Prefecture" In "J. For. Plann.", 2006; "Forest Remote Sensing", Tokyo, Japan, 2007 (in Japanese); "Estimation of Carbon Stock in Even-Aged Sugi Forests Using Satellite Image Data" In "J. Integr. Field Sci.", 2009 (in Japanese); "Latitudinal Comparison of Site Index, Stand Volume and Tree Species Composition in Boreal Forest of the Yenisey River Basin" In "Jap. J. For. Plann.", 2009 (in Japanese abstract in English); "Predicting Site Indices of Japanese Cedar Plantation in Niigata Prefecture using Environmental Factors" In "J. For. Plann.", 2009; "Growth dynamics of natural forest near the Lake Chimikeppu in Hokkaido for forty years " In "Bull. Faculty Agr. Niigata Univ.", 2010 (in Japanese).


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