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Adrianova Irina Yur'evna

Adrianova (Sazonova) Irina Yur'evna, born 18 July, 1974. Graduated from the Far Eastern State University (at the present time – the Far Eastern Federal University) Faculty of Biology and Soil Science (at the present time – Biological Department, School of Natural Sciences), with a specialty in «Biochemistry» (1996). Research Scientist for Plant Molecular Genetics Sector at the  Institute of Biology and Soil Science, Russian Academy of Sciences, Far-Eastern Branch, Vladivostok. Author and co-author of 18 research papers. Some of them: «Genetic differentiation of larch populations from the Larix olgensis range and their relationships with larches from Siberia and Russian far East» In «For. Sci. Technol.», 2007; «Genetic variability and differentiation in the larch populations within the range of Larix olgensis A. Henry in Primorie» In «Genetika» (Rus. J. Genet.), 2008; «Ecogeographic variation in the generative organs of larch in the Russian Far East» In «Ekologiya» (Rus. J. Ecol.), 2011.


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Total citations – 40; Hirsh index – 3.

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