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Anan’ev Vladimir Alexandrovich,

Anan’ev Vladimir Alexandrovich, born 26 September, 1946 in the village of Kinelakhta Prionezhsky District (in 1957 the settlement of Kinelakhta has been formed consisting Vedlozerskiy Village Settlement of Pryazhinsky District), Republic of Karelia, Soviet Union (since 1992 – Russia). Graduated from Petrozavodsk State University, Faculty of Forest Engineering (at the present time – Institute of Forestry, Engineering and Construction Sciences), with a specialty in Forestry, and qualification Engineer of Forestry (1968). Candidate of Agricultural Sciences (PhD) in Forest Planning and Forest Inventory (1982), Associate Professor in Forest Science, Silviculture, Forest Fires and Fire Fighting (2006), the Honored Laborer of Forest Complex of the Republic of Karelia (2017). PhD thesis: «Izuchenie Zakonomernostey Stroeniya i Khoda Rosta Raznovozrastnykh El’nikov Karelii, Proydennykh Vyborochnymi Rubkami» (Study Regularities of Structure and Growth Course of Uneven-Aged Spruce Forests of Karelia, Logged by Selective Cuts), Leningrad, Order of Lenin S. M. Kirov Leningrad Forest Tech. Acad. (at the present time – S. M. Kirov Saint-Petersburg State For. Tech. Univ.), 1981 (in Russian). Leading Research Scientist for the Laboratory for Boreal Forest Dynamics and Production, Forest Research Institute, Karelian Research Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences, in the city of Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Russia. Member of the Interdepartmental Scientific and Technical Council on Hydromelioration (since 1985 to present time). The main directions of studies: dynamics of clear cutting areas reforestation, increase of forest productivity and improvement of stand structure on drained lands by silvicultural actions, renewal successional processes in virgin forests and post-catastrophic forest dynamics. Author and co-author of more than 140 scientific publications, manuals and practical recommendations.


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