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Androkhanov Vladimir Alekseevich

Androkhanov Vladimir Alekseevich, born 11 May, 1964. Graduated from Novosibirsk Institute of Agriculture (at the present time – Novosibirsk State Agrarian University), Faculty of Agronomy (1986). Doctor of Biological Sciences in Soil Science (2006). Deputy Director for Science (2006), Head for the Laboratory of Soil Reclamation, Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch in the city of Novosibirsk (since 2010). Specialist in reclamation of technogenically disturbed lands. He conducts research in disturbed areas and the development of reclamation technologies in Siberia. He is one of the developers of profile-genetic classification of the young and reclamated soil, and of the method of soil-ecological assessment of the efficiency of reclamation. Author and co-author of more than 100 scientific publications, including 6 books. Some of them: «Tekhnozemy: Svoistva, Rezimy, Funkscionirovanie» (The Technozems: Properties, Regimes, Functioning), Novosibirsk, Nauka, 2000 (in Russian with English abstract); «Pochvy Tekhnogennykh Landshaftov: Genezis i Evolyusciya» (Soils of Technogenic Landscapes: Genesis and Evolution), Novosibirsk, Rus. Acad. Sci., Sib. Br. Publ. House, 2004 (in Russian with English abstract); «Pochvenno-Ekologicheskoe Sostoyanie Tekhnogennykh Landshaftov: Dinamika i Oscenka» (Soil and Environmental Condition of Technogenic Landscapes: Dynamics and Assessment), Novosibirsk, Rus. Acad. Sci., Sib. Br. Publ. House, 2010 (in Russian with English abstract).


Papers in (Rus. Sci. Cit. Index) – 98

Total citations – 1205; Hirsch index – 13.

Papers in Scopus – 8

Total Scopus citations – 4; Scopus Hirsh index – 1.

Papers in Web of Science Core Collection 0

Total Web of Science Core Collection citations 0;

Web of Science Core Collection Hirsh index 0.

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