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Bogolitsyn Konstantin Grigor’evich

Bogolitsyn Konstantin Grigor’evich

Bogolitsyn Konstantin Grigor’evich, born 19 August 1949 in the city of Arkhangelsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Soviet Union (since 1992 – Russia). Graduated from Arkhangelsk St. Univ. Technol. (at the present time – North. (Arct.) Fed. Univ. named after M. V. Lomonosov), Fac. Chem. Technol. (at the present time – Dept. Cellulose-Paper and For. Chemical Industr., Higher School Nat. Sci. & Technol.), with a specialty in Chem. Technol. Cellulose-Paper Industry, qualification Engineer-Chemist-Technologist, in the city of Arkhangelsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Soviet Union (1971). Cand. Сhem. Sci. (PhD) in Phys. Chem. (1976), Dr. Tech. Sci. (DSc) in Technol. Equip. Chem. Process. Wood Biomass; Wood Chem. (1987). PhD thesis: «Fiziko-Khimicheskoe Issledovanie i Kontrol’ Protsessov, Protekayushchikh pri Delignifikatsii Drevesiny Sul’fitnym Sposobom (Spektrofotometricheskiy i Potentsiometricheskiy Metody)» (Physical-Chemical Study and Control of Processes Occurring During Wood Delignification by the Sulfite Method (Spectrophotometric and Potentiometric Methods), Leningrad (06 Sept., 1991 the city of Leningrad renaimed to Saint Petersburg), Leningrad Technol. Inst. Pulp and Paper Indust. (since 2015 – St. Petersburg St. Univ. Industr. Technol. and Design), 1976 (in Russian). DSc thesis: «Okislitel’no-Vosstanovitel’nye Vzaimodeystviya pri Nukleofil’nom Sul’firovanii Lignina v Protsesse Delignifikatsii Drevesiny» (Redox Interactions During Nucleophilic Sulfonation of Lignin in the Process of Wood Delignification), Riga, Inst. Wood Chem. (at the present time – Latv. St. Inst. Wood Chem.), Acad. Sci. Latvian Soviet Socialist Rep. (at the present time – Latv. Acad. Sci.), 1987 (in Russian). Director for the Inst. Environ. Probl. North, Fed. Center Integr. Arct. Res. Rus. Acad. Sci., Ural Br. (2009-present), Head for the Dep. Theor. Appl. Chem., Higher School Nat. Sci. & Technol., North. (Arct.) Fed. Univ. named after M. V. Lomonosov (2001-present), in the city Arkhangelsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia. Awarded by the Order of Friendship (2004), the Golden Medal of V. I. Vernadsky, the National Prize «Professor of the Year», the Laureate of M. V. Lomonosov Prize of the Government of Arkhangelsk Oblast (1998), the Honored Worker of the Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation, the Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation (1998), the Honored Professor of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M. V. Lomonosov, member of the Int. Acad. Wood Sci. – IAWS. Research interests in chemistry and chemical technology of plant biopolymers, physical chemistry of plant polymers. Author and co-author of more than 800 scientific publications, more than 40 patents for an invention of the Russian Federation.


Papers in (Rus. Sci. Cit. Index) – 476

Total Citations – 1563; Hirsh Index – 14

Papers in Scopus – 92

Total Scopus Citations – 271; Scopus Hirsh Index – 8

Papers in Web of Science Core Collection 84

Total Web of Science Core Collection Citations 209

Web of Science Core Collection Hirsh Index 7

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