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Chizhov Boris Efimovich

Chizhov Boris Efimovich

Chizhov Boris Efimovich, born 4 September, 1942. Graduated from Bryansk Institute of Technology (at the present time – Bryansk State University of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Forestry (at the present time – Institute of Forest Complex, Transport and Ecology) (1964). Doctor of Agricultural Sciences in Forest Crops, Breeding and Seed Growing (2004). DSc. Thesis: “Lesovodstvenno-Biologicheskie Osnovy Regulirovaniya Travyano-Kustarnichkovogo Pokrova pri Lesovosstanovlenii: Na Primere Yuznoi Taigi, Predlesostepi i Lesostepi Zapadnoi Sibiri” (Silvicultural and Biological Backgrounds for Controlling Grass and Shrub Cover under Forest Restoration: On the Example of Southern Taiga, Near Forest-Steppe and Forest –Steppe of Western Siberia), 2004 (in Russian). Honored Forester of the Russian Federation, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Chief Researcher for the Department of Ecology at Siberian Forest Experimental Station, branch of All-Russian Research Institute of Silviculture and Mechanization of Forestry, in the city of Tyumen.


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