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Farzaliev Vahid Sabir Ogly

Farzaliev Vahid Sabir Ogly, born in 1969. Graduated from Baku State University Faculty of Biology (1996). PhD in Biology (2007), Associated Professor, Head for the Laboratory of Conservation and Monitoring of Plants (2007), Deputy Director for Scientific Research (2008) at the Central Botanical Garden, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. CoPI for an international research project «Developing Tools for Conserving Plant Diversity of the Transcaucasia» (2011-2013), supported by Volswagen Stiftung Co. Author and co-author of 60 scientific publications in the area of introduction, artificial reforestation and forest science. Some of them: «Taxonomic, biomorphological and Radiological Features of Pine Tree Species», 2013; The main publications: «The impact of technogenic pollution to forest vegetation» In «Proc. For. Fac. Choruch Univ. Artvin», Turkey, 2010; «Dendroclimatic analysis of Eldar pine in the Central Botanical Garden, of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences In «Proc. Centr. Botan. Garden Azerbaijan Nat. Acad. Sci.», 2011; «The application of GIS technology for introduction of Eldar (Pinus eldarica Medw.) pine» In Bull. Azerbaijan Nat. Acad. Sci. Ser. Biol. Sci.», 2012; The Results of Complex Selective Logging in Beech-Hornbeam Tree Stands of the Greater Caucasus in Azerbaijan In "Sibirski Lesnoi Zurnal" (Sib. J. For. Sci.), 2014 (in Russian with abstract in English).


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