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Freiberg Irina Alexandrovna

Freiberg Irina Alexandrovna, born 28 February 1925. Graduated from Bryansk Institute of Technology (at the present time – Bryansk State Engineering and Technology Academy), Faculty of Forestry, with a specialty in Forestry (1948). Doctor of Agricultural Sciences in Forest Crops, Selection, and Seed Growing (1980). DSc. Thesis: «Ekologo-Biologicheskoe Obosnovanie Lesovosstanovleniya i Lesorazvedeniya v Lesostepnom Zauralie» (Ecological and Biological Substantiation for Forest Restoration and Afforestatation in Forest-Steppe Zauralie), Leningrad, 1983 (in Russian). The Honored Forester of the Russian Federation (1994), Leading Research Scientist (2005) for the Laboratory of Forest Restoration, Forest Protection and Forest Use, Botanical Garden of the Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences in the city of Yekaterinburg, Professor in Forest Science (2009). Author and co-author of more than 150 scientific publications, including 4 books. Some of them: «Opyt Sozdaniya Iskusstvennykh Nasazdenii v Lesostepi Zauralia» (An Experience of Creating Artificial Stands in Forest-Steppe of Zauralie), Yekaterinburg, 2012 (in Russian); «Teratogenez seyanscev sosny – bioindikator zagryazneniya pochvy lesnykh pitomnikov pestiscidami» (Teratogenesis of pine seedlings as bioindicator of soil contamination in forest nurseries by pesticides) In «Sovremennye Problemy Nauki i Obrazovaniya» (Contemporary Problems of Science and Education), 2014 (in Russian with English abstract); «Zaschitnye funkscii nasazdenii bulvarov» (The protective functions of plantations boulevards) In «Lesa Rossii i Khozyaistvo v Nikh» (Forests of Russia and Their Management), 2014; «Opyt ochistki pochvy ot fosforoorganicheskikh soedinenii s pomoschyu estestvennogo pula mikroorganizmov» (Experience in purification of soil from organophosphorus compounds with natural pool of microorganisms) In «Sovremennye Problemy Nauki i Obrazovaniya» (Contemporary Problems of Science and Education), 2015 (in Russian with English abstract);


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Total citations – 109; Hirsch index – 4.

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